Adele Hugs & Comforts People at Scene of Tragic London Fire

Adele kept a low profile, but she was spotted comforting Londoners at a vigil last night after a devastating fire. Just spotted @Adele and Simon Konecki visiting the Grenfell Tower, she was dressed in an abaya. Respect to both of you. #Adele #grenfelltower #simonkonecki A post shared by FourMee (@...
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Sam Hill: Do Chimps Like Adele's Music?

I found this fascinating research project that came from University of York in Edinburgh- well, at least I found it fascinating. It was research to determine if different types of music have a positive impact on the well-being of chimps. I would have naturally thought that the answer would be yes...
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Sam Hill: You Can Actually Bid on a BAG OF AIR From an Adele Concert

Add this to your collection of weird crap that can be purchased on eBay. The listing I've linked to is for a- get this- BAG OF AIR from Adele's gig on March 13th in Australia. Doesn't look like the bidding has gotten too high... so you could likely afford it should you need it in your collection...
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Beyonce May Have Subtly Honored Adele at Movie Premiere

Adele “fangirled” for Beyoncé when she accepted the award for Album of the Year at the GRAMMYs last month. So did Beyonce just return the love by offering a tribute to Adele?As you'll recall, Adele said that she was humbled to win the award for album of the year, but she did pay tribute to Beyoncé...
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Adele Confirms She Has Married Long-Time Partner Simon Konecki

Speculation has been pretty high that Adele had married her long-time partner, Simon Konecki, but the British singer had never confirmed the news. Well, that changed this weekend. The 28-year-old pop star announced her marriage during a concert this weekend.As she was introducing the breakup anthem...
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