Slacker & Steve

WATCH: Slacker & Steve On The Scene Where A Man Put A Camera In The Women's Bathroom

Watch Slacker & Steve at the scene of the crime.
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Slacker and Steve - Million Dollar Idea (Audio)

We came across a list of 5 "Stupid" Ideas That Became Million-Dollar Businesses, check them out: The Snuggie Koosh balls Singing fish Shake Weight Chia Pet What’s your million dollar idea?
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Slacker and Steve - Cheapskates (Audio)

Cheapskates. We all know one. Maybe you know a friend, maybe it’s your parents or maybe even it’s you that have bizarre methods on how to save a buck. We found a post on Reddit that asked its users to share their childhood memories of what crazy ways their parents used to save money. Here are a few...
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Slacker & Steve's $8,000 Blackjack Tournament at Isle Casino Hotel Black Hawk

Now is the time to claim a seat at the Isle’s $8,000 Blackjack Tournament. Earn your seat with only eight hours of cumulative rated play in the month of October and you could win up to $4,000. Get in the game for your chance to claim King of the Hill. Save your spot by completing the RSVP form...
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