BJ & Jamie: Jamie And Her Son Set Up Alexa And She Farts! 2/6 (Audio)

Jamie finally set up Alexa at her house and Jamie really likes her. Her son set it up on her son’s phone and he is almost an expert already. Today they are going to get all the Alexa light bulbs for her house so Alexa can turn on all her lights. We learned more about Alexa she can have a man’s...
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Sam Hill: New Christmas Music from Sia, Harry Potter's New Game and I Met John Henson!

Did Alexa really throw a party when no one was home? One guy in Germany said she did! Now, I've had my Alexa talk on her own before and she's responded to TV commercials as well a couple of times, but this story just seems so unlikely. While I was doing my show today- John Henson popped in! He was...
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BJ & Jamie: Alexa up to it again, She orders everyone a doll house. 1/9 (AUDIO)

There is another Amazon Alexa story. Over the weekend in California she ordered doll houses for everyone who has her. If you had your credit card saved inside Alexa’s little brain she spent your cash on a doll house. Read the whole Story HERE Video of 6-Year-Old Places $162 Order on Amazon Echo
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