BJ & Jamie: Jamie Worried About Sending Her Son On An Overseas School Trip. 9/26 (AUDIO)

Jamie got some amazing advice from Bj and she is blown away that she thinks he has a good parenting idea.. and her mind is blown. Jamie’s son’s school is planning a overseas trip to Paris and Spain and BJ said Hell no will you send you 11 year old son to Paris.. Spain could be ok, but no Paris...
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BJ & Jamie: Bj's Hail Scale test for Jamie and Sean. 6/14 (AUDIO)

Bj has a test for Jamie and Sean to see if they know their Hail sizes... Jamie says she knows them all and Sean thinks he knows a few..
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Jamie Foxx Saves Person From Car On Fire

Jamie Foxx saved a man from a burning car on Tuesday night. The car had flipped over and caught fire when Foxx, who was nearby, ran over to the car. The driver was trapped inside because he couldn't get his seat belt undone. Somehow Foxx had a pair of scissors on hand to cut the man free from his...
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