BJ & Jamie: FBI Opens I-Phone (AUDIO) 3/29

The government said Monday it had cracked a terrorist’s iPhone without Apple Inc. ’s help and is seeking to drop its legal case to force the tech giant to unlock the device. The move was announced in court papers filed Monday in a dispute over a phone seized in the investigation of a Dec. 2 terror...
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No Win for Trump in Iowa!

Texas Sen. Ted Cruz defeated Donald Trump in the Iowa caucuses on Monday, a come-from-behind victory that raises questions about the billionaire's ability to translate his support in political polls into actual votes. "God bless the great state of Iowa," Cruz told cheering supporters in Des Moines...
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Young and Dumb

YI! Young, dumb and not full of brains! We have all done some really stupid things as kids, and luckily most of us are still around to talk about it. Today we discussed the dumb things we did when we were young. Hey! Kids!... Nothing GOOD Can Come From The 'Duct Tape Challenge' A 14-year-old boy...
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