BJ & Jamie: Monopoly for Cheaters. 2/1

Monopoly has a cheating version. The makers have revamped the game and now you are encouraged to cheat and try to catch cheaters. The one fun aspect of the new version of the game is there really is a pair of hand cuffs attached to the jail you must wear. Read the Whole Story HERE! Video of...
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BJ & Jamie: Chainsmokers cheater 1/24 (Audio)

One of the Chainsmokers, Alex Pall, got caught cheating!!! He had a secrurity camera on his front porch that can link to an app on the owners phone. Pall's girlfriend had the camera system linked to her phone and found a picture of him making out with another woman!!!
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List: These Are the Types of Men Who Most Likely to Cheat

Which men are most likely to cheat on their signficant other? Apparently, there's a list for that! The New York Post compiled a list based on multiple studies done on cheaters over the years and came up with a list. So here are the guys that made the list: Tall Men: And by tall, they mean 5'10" or...
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