Sam Hill: The Super Blue Blood Moon is Coming!

We are going to have the chance to see a really awesome lunar event at the end of the month.... the Super Blue Blood Moon!! It's pretty much the lunar trifecta! Get ready for a lunar trifecta on Jan. 31 1⃣ The Moon will be full, near its closest point to Earth 2⃣ A lunar eclipse will be visible in...
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BJ & Jamie: Hawaii False Missile Alarm. 1/16 (audio)

The people of Hawaii were freaked out over the weekend everyone on the island received a text message that a bomb was on its way to the island and for everyone to take cover. The report is that the guy in charge of the emergency alert pushed the wrong button; during an interview about the situation...
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BJ & Jamie: 'Dangerous' Escaped Mental Patient flees Hawaii. 11/16 (AUDIO)

There is a story of a man who was in a mental hospital and he escaped on a private jet to L.A. H was tried for killing a woman and found not guilty by reason of insanity and is considered Very Dangerous. He walked out of the hospital got some fake papers and headed to California before he was...
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