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Kelly Clarkson Reveals Secret Reason She Cried At 2006 Grammys

At the 2006 Grammys, Kelly Clarkson cried as she accepted the award for Best Female Pop Vocal Performance. Now she's revealed another reason she was crying. She thought she had cancer. Clarkson told Billboard's Pop Shop Pocast, "Not many people know this ... but I was told that morning that I had...
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BJ & Jamie: Leonard Cohen dead at 82! 11/11 (AUDIO)

Leonard Cohen author of the song Hallelujah has died at 82. He is called the greatest song writer in history and we have never heard of him.. Video of Leonard Cohen - Hallelujah (Audio) Video of Jeff Buckley - Hallelujah (Official Video)
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BJ & Jamie: Bleed for Beyonce! 10/19 (AUDIO)

#BleedforBeyonce! Kids are posting pictures of themselves cutting and bleeding for Beyonce. During a concert she had a malfunction with an earing and it ripped her ear. Now fans are bleeding for her. Read all about the torn ear. HERE Video of Beyoncé bleeding out on stage
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