United Airlines

BJ & Jamie: Emotional Support Peacock On No Fly List. 1/31 (Audio)

A woman was not allowed to bring her Emotional Peacock onto an airplane, she even had a ticket for the bird but the Airline did not allow her to bring the bird on the plane. The Bird was put on a No fly List! Read all about the Peacock HERE! Video of Woman denied taking an "emotional...
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BJ and Jamie: Airline Cremates A Bunny

The owner of the giant rabbit that died because he was put in a chiller is upset because the airline cremated the bunny without telling her. Watch video of Simon the giant bunny.
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Bj & Jamie: Bad look for United Airlines!! Dragged man from plane on oversold flight. 4/11 (AUDIO)

Man is dragged off United Airlines flight after he refuses to give up his seat on oversold flight. United employees use excessive force. Did they go to far or were they right?? Read more HERE
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