Bj & Jamie: Snakes In The News! 9/26 (AUDIO)

Two stories about snakes… A woman was going to a Long Horn Steak house and while going in the doors she was attacked and bitten by a baby Copperhead snake. The snake bite her 3 times and she almost lost her foot. The other story is of a man in Russia and he goes on Facebook Live and lets his deadly...
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BJ & Jamie: What Is Up With All The Snakes? 5/31

Jamie saw a story of how there are a lot of snakes out in neighborhoods in Colorado. The reason is they are coming out for sun and it is mating season. Read the whole story HERE Video of Mating Rat Snakes
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BJ & Jamie: Lady wakes up to chicken snake in her bed!!! 3/14 (AUDIO)

Tennessee lady wakes up to chicken snake in her bed. Says that she just thought it was her cat walking across her arm until she woke up and to her surprise, IT WAS A SNAKE!!! Read more HERE
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