Slacker and Steve

Slacker and Steve - Crime Stoppers (Audio)

For one group of kids in a small village outside London, an afternoon meant to be spent hunting Easter eggs suddenly turned into a thrilling hunt for burglars. The children and their families had gathered together for an Easter egg hunt in a field in Capel, located in Surrey. But an intrusion at a...
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Slacker and Steve - Baby Delivery Drama (Audio)

Jimmy John’s wants to be known for its ‘freaky fast’ delivery service. But one employee at a Florida store may have taken it too literally. The Jimmy John’s delivery man was riding his bike on his way to deliver a sandwich when he discovered that a train was blocking his path. Instead of waiting...
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Slacker and Steve - OPP: Mommy Did Everything (Audio)

Today's OPP comes from Audrey who is having trouble with her boyfriend. Apparently when he was a kid, his mom did everything for him, and he expects her to do the same. She wants to know if he will ever grow up. What do you think, will he mature, should she cut and run or should she try to change...
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Damaged House

Slacker and Steve - Bizarre Hit Your House Stories (Audio)

A plane’s emergency slide fell onto a house in Mesa, Arizona. The home in directly under the flight path and the homeowner heard a loud bang then her house shook. Someone else called 911 after seeing something falling from a plane. Cops arrived to find the emergency slide in front of the woman’s...
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