Sexual harassment

BJ & Jamie: Harassment allegation againt Peyton Mannings butt (Audio)

Woman speaks out against Peyton Manning alleged assult, read more here Video of Peyton Manning Named in Sexual Harassment Lawsuit
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BJ & Jamie: Uber Sexual Harassment Movie (Audio)

In the grip of sexual harassment pandemic, a movie is coming out that is based off of Ubers Sexual harrassment reports. Read the whole story here! Video of Uber Whistleblower Sells Movie Rights
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BJ & Jamie: Insensitive imaging has to go! 10/18

BJ said he got a memo about some of the drops he has been using on the show. With all the stuff in the news over sexual harassment, some of the drops are insensitive so management wants BJ & Jamie to be a bit more sensitive. So Sean made us some more family-friendly imaging for the show.
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