Politics of the United States

BJ & Jamie: Touching moment during President Trump's speech. 3/2 (AUDIO)

Donald Trump gave a moving speech last night. President Trump praised the service of Navy Seal Ryan who lost his life. His wife was there and very emotional. There were some democrats that chose to not stand and applaud for the widow. It was the longest standing ovation in congress ever. The speech...
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BJ & Jamie: Trump won't fill out March Madness Brackets. 2/16 (AUDIO)

ESPN is upset at Donald Trump because he will not fill out a Bracket for the NCAA tournament. He says that he is too busy to fool around with sports. And MSNBC will not interview his press secretary anymore because she won’t answer questions. Read the whole story HERE Video of Trump Says No To NCAA...
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Bj & Jamie: Fake Trump news story and questionable videos. 1/11 (AUDIO)

A story hit the news yesterday reporting that Donald Trump was spotted with Hookers and Blow in Russia and they have audio and video of Trump and will slam the world when he takes office. The Russian government is saying it is a fake story. Read the Whole Story HERE A Bull pushes a Matador down to...
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