Sam Hill: Taco Bell Dessert Quesadilla, Taylor a Robot, Granny Skydiving and More!

Taco Bell is at it again- making weird stuff. The latest idea? A Kit Kat and Twix Quesadilla. Actually... looking at it, it looks pretty yummy. Evidently, Taco Bell has such a product already out in the UK and is just starting to test it here. If you know someone who lives in Wisconsin, that's...
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Today's College Freshman Have Only Lived In A World With Emojis & More Facts

Kids heading to college this year have only known phones as smart phones, but they’ll never know Justin Timberlake as a member of a band. Here's the complete "Mindset List" for the incoming class of college freshmen.
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The Average Person Will Take This Many Selfies in Their Lifetime

Ready for this? The average person born after 1980 will take 25,000 selfies in their lifetime, according to newly released data. Samsung shared the surprising statistic when they unveiled an improved front-facing camera at a recent product launch. Samsung say we'll take 25,000 selfies in our...
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