Human Interest

BJ & Jamie: Dead Celebrities Still In The Money (Audio)

Michael Jackson tops Forbes list of highest paid dead celebrities with $825 million. Part of that was from his estate’s decision to sell his half share of the Beatles catalogue to Sony for $750 million. Charles Schulz came in second earning $48 million, and Arnold Palmer is in third with $40...
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BJ & Jamie: Getting Married? (Audio)

A source has told US Weekly that Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani want to tie the knot before the end of the year! Last week on his show, Ryan Seacrest asked Gwen if she and Blake plan to get married, and she was quoted as saying, "Everything is going so quickly. I'm in the moment and, um, look at me...
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BJ & Jamie: Needles Payoff? (Audio)

A South Carolina Woman has been awarded $4.6 million by a judge after she was struck by a needle her daughter found in a Target parking lot. The woman’s daughter picked up the needle, and the woman swatted it out of her daughter’s hand, ultimately getting punctured. The woman claims that she was...
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