Food and drink

BJ & Jamie: Keys to living to 100 years old. 1/3

Jamie has the list of what you need to do to stay young. Brain exercise, Little Red Wine at night, Become a Vegan, Volunteer, drink Greek Coffee, find inner Peace, Stay Social, do new things a rut will kill you, Olive Oil will clean your soul and embrace cold weather it burns calories and makes...
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BJ & Jamie: O.J. Simpson Spotted Having A Bloody Mary. 10/9 (AUDIO)

Oj Simpson was seen drinking a Bloody Mary while waiting for some fish tacos. BJ had predicted that OJ will be back in prison before the New Year and now he thinks he will be in before Thanksgiving. Read the whole story HERE Video of O.J. Simpson Orders Bloody Mary While Waiting for Taco Takeout
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Brace Yourselves for the Mermaid Frappuccino

The Unicorn Frappuccino from Starbucks was short-lived, but it didn't take long for the monstrosity to go viral and change the course of humanity forever. Demand for the drink thinned out the already-endangered unicorn herds and now Starbucks has set its sights on a new mythical species—the...
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