BJ & Jamie: BJ's Son Is In Town For A Gaming Convention. 10/17 (AUDIO)

We talked to Bj’s son and to figure out when and where this game convention is this weekend. It is here in Denver and Bj’s son is coming to "work"... not to get paid in the conventional sense but in a networking sense. Jamie did find out that he does have BJ’s credit card. Check out DreamHack HERE...
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BJ & Jamie: Fake Sign Language During Press Conference. 9/18 (AUDIO)

A story from the weekend came out that one of the Interpreter for the deaf that was doing the press conference had no idea what he was doing and he got confused and started signing words like Pizza, Bear and that Monsters were coming. This has happened before; Former President Obama had this happen...
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Kevin Smith Bringing Back 'Jay And Silent Bob'

Kevin Smith is known mostly for his directing, but big fans certainly remember him on screen as Silent Bob. Smith announced he has written a script called "Jay & Silent Bob Reboot." The last movie the characters appeared in was "Clerks 2," but that was 10 years ago. -Mike Draup Photo: USA Today
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George Clooney And Amal Expecting Twins!

George Clooney has a new role, and it's Dad! There has been no official confirmation from George's rep, but multiple sources have confirmed that Amal is pregnant with twins. -Mike Draup Photo: USA Today
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