BJ & Jamie: Fortune cookie writer has writers block! 2/15

The man who has been writing messages for fortune cookies for over 30 years is quitting.. He says he has writers block and just can’t think of anything to say anymore. And another Man was busted with 7 gold bars in his butt. Read the whole story of the fortune cookies HERE Read about the man with...
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BJ & Jamie: Bj says it is time to go on a diet... 12/2 (AUDIO)

Bj is ready to start a diet on Monday.. the reason for Monday start is he has a 2/3 bag of oreos at home and a whole pecan pie.. there are 3 things that have pushed him.. #1. last week a guy at the grocery story says to him… “Wow BJ you have put on some weight!” #2. Last week Lisa saw all the Snack...
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Girl Scout Cookies

YI! Today is a special day, it only happens once a year. Slacker and Steve are going to buy 100 boxes of Girl Scout cookies from one lucky girl, and upset a lot of others in the process. Slacker said that he wasnt even sure if they can buy 100 boxes because they only have $300. The sales pitch had...
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