BJ & Jamie: CNN Reporter on Cannabus for NYE. 1/2 (AUDIO)

CNN reporter did a live report from a CannaBus tour in Colorado on New Year Eve. She helped a guy do a bong and was waving around a joint on TV. We think it makes Colorado look bad. Read the Story HERE! Video of CNN Randi Kaye New Years Eve On The Weed Bus 2018
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BJ & Jamie: 1st Amendment and Boobs and Trumps Retweet is bad. 9/18 (AUDIO)

Donald Trump in trouble for retweeting a meme of himself hitting Hillary in the back of the head with a golf ball – And a guy named Clay was on CNN talking about White House stuff and he says that he only trusts two things in this country... The 1st Amendment and boobs. Read the story and see the...
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