Christmas tree

WATCH: Jon Snow Carries Christmas Trees for Unsuspecting Shoppers

What would you do if you went to buy a Christmas tree and Game of Thrones ' Jon Snow ( Kit Harrington ) carried it to your car? Would you freak out silently inside while saying thank you and offering an appropriate tip? Or would you start becoming a fan girl? Well, it's too bad you weren't in...
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Sam Hill: Denver's Not Too Sinful, A Rude Awakening, A Phone to Break Phone Addiction and More!

Denver is definitely NOT the most sinful city in the country... at least according to Wallethub- we came in a 32. The study measured things like laziness, greed, vices, etc... bet you can guess who was #1! According to, the word of the year is 'complicit.' Obviously, brought on by...
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Your Christmas Tree Is Going to Cost More This Year

We have two warnings about Christmas trees this year: There will be fewer Christmas trees available than in years past, and those trees that are available may cost more at your local tree stand. _informq.push(['embed'>); Tree growers planted fewer trees during the recession in 2007, according to...
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