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Indulge your inner curiosity with caller driven conversation that make you feel like you’re part of the conversation—or even better, eavesdropping on someone else’s drama. Slacker and Steve have a way of making light of thought-provoking topics by showcasing the humor in the dysfunction of everyday life, while challenging Alice’s lady listeners by bringing the true Alice attitude to life.

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Slacker and Steve - Couldn’t Get Away With It Today (Audio)

November 1, 2017
A mom in Wisconsin tied her 9 year old son to the roof of the minivan so he could hold down a molded plastic pool they just purchased. She thought it was okay because her dad let her do similar things when she was young. She could face up to 10 years in prison if convicted. What are some things more

Slacker and Steve - Best Advice You Ever Got (Audio)

November 1, 2017
Charlie Daniels recently released his autobiography “Never Look at the Empty Seats.” He thinks every new artist should follow this advice. “It’s about accentuating the positive because when you first start playing, you will find a lot of empty seats. You have to be concerned with the ones that more

Slacker and Steve - Celebrity Kiss and Tell (Audio)

October 31, 2017
Hollywood is still reeling from victims bringing sexual harassment into light with new stories coming out everyday. We used to do a "Celebrity Kiss and Tell," but with everything going on in Hollywood right now we're wondering... Can we still do it? We are interested in the consensual more

Slacker and Steve - OPP: Roommate Hitting on Me (Audio)

October 31, 2017
Candy got a new roommate and things started out great. They started having movie nights and doing fun things together as roommates. Then things started to get a little creepy. Candy has caught her female roommate checking her out and even sitting very close next to her during movies. Now she more

Slacker and Steve - Laundromat Stories (Audio)

October 31, 2017
Police have arrested the man accused of stealing women's underwear from washers at Richmond laundromats. Timothy Iott, 54, of Richmond, Virginia, turned himself in to Richmond Police on Tuesday. He was charged with petty larceny. A laundromat owner said he followed Iott to another location more

Slacker and Steve - Damage Doing the Deed (Audio)

October 30, 2017
Emma Pearce, 34, and Allan Blake, 28, were having sex in their living room when she jolted around to watch the show which was on TV in the background. In the process she managed to rip the skin on his "sensitive area." They bandaged him up and called the non-emergency number for advice. more

Slacker and Steve - Profession Confession (Audio)

October 30, 2017
Everyone learns something in their field of work that makes work a little easier. Tips and tricks are told to help people out when dealing with a certain industry. Did you know that if you check a skateboard by just slapping a sticker on it it will get ridden by baggage handlers at the airport. more

Slacker and Steve - Ghost Stories (Audio)

October 27, 2017
According to new research out of Chapman University, 1 in 3 people out there believe in something paranormal. In the study, 55% of people believed in lost alien civilizations, like Atlantis. 35% of people believe aliens have visited Earth in ancient times and 26% believe aliens have visited more

Slacker and Steve - OPP: Credit Stealing Friend (Audio)

October 27, 2017
Maureen has a friend who seems to take credit for everything she does. Maureen once threw a baby shower for someone and her friend came over to help finish up. She then heard her friend later describing about how much she did for the party and taking credit. When they go to the bar and Maureen more

Slacker and Steve - Self Surgery (Audio)

October 27, 2017
When Dolly Parton was young, she almost lost a part of her foot. The singer/songwriter recalled a childhood accident during her appearance on the Dr. Oz Show. She was about 6 or 7 and cut three of her toes while jumping across the fence. She remembers her family had to hold her down as her more