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BJ & Jamie: Facebook posts and Colorado Tops The List of Top 50 Cities In The USA. 10/16

October 16, 2017
People are sensitive right now Jamie posted a good video of Channing Tatum and his dance moves and people said it is not ok because of the Harvey Weinstein drama. Party City under fire for their “THE WALL” costume some are saying it is racist. The list of to top 50 cities in the nation to live more

BJ & Jamie: Bj Has Been A Victim Of Identity Theft! 10/16 (AUDIO)

October 16, 2017
Bj has been a victim of Identity theft. He has been expecting a return check from the IRS and it has not shown up so he has been doing some investigating and it turns out that his identity has been stolen and the IRS is holding the check and he has to verify his information in order to clear it more

Bj & Jamie: Super Volcano In Yellowstone Could Blow 10/13 (AUDIO)

October 13, 2017
Super Volcano in Yellowstone park is in the news.. Reports are that if this volcano blows it will destroy the western part of the USA. Now NASA wants to drill in the side of it and try to cool it down by pumping water into the center and cool it. Read the Whole Story HERE! Video of A more

BJ & Jamie: Couple Survives Fire In Swimming Pool 10/13

October 13, 2017
A couple in California were overtaken by the fires and had no choice but to seem shelter inside a full swimming pool. There were able to survive 6 hours inside the pool until they were able to get out to safely. Read the Whole Story HERE Video of Old couple survived wild fire by sitting in more

BJ & Jamie: 3 Year Old Left In Corn Maze Overnight 10/12 (AUDIO)

October 12, 2017
There is a story about a 3 year old boy who was left over night at a corn maze.. the kid showed up at the entrance of the maze at closing time with no parents in sight.. Turns out the families are a large and there are 10 kids between 2 families and that is how he was missed. Read the Whole more

BJ & Jamie: Arby's Elk and Venison Sandwiches 10/12 (AUDIO)

October 12, 2017
This October 21st Arby’s is bringing back the Elk and Venison sandwiches, BJ and Jamie think it sounds and looks gross.. Sean thinks it looks amazing. We get a call from an Arby’s employee and there is only one store in Colorado that will have the Elk meat and all the other stores will only more

BJ & Jamie: Boy Scouts Now Allowing Girls. 10/12 (AUDIO)

October 12, 2017
Boy Scouts are now going to allow Girls to join the Scouts and allow them to become Eagle Scouts. BJ is totally against this and Jamie loves the idea. Callers on both sides of the issue call and give their opinion. Read All About This HERE! Video of Boy Scouts To Allow Girls Into Cub Scout Programread more

BJ & Jamie: Pull A Pig Prank. 10/11 (AUDIO)

October 11, 2017
Pull a Pig Prank is a thing that men are doing.. it is a game on the web for men to try to pick up the ugliest person they can and string them along and even get them to travel to see them and then they blow them off and block their phone numbers and tell them they have been a Pull’n a Pig. more

BJ & Jamie: Harvey Weinstein News Is Getting Crazy. 10/11 (AUDIO)

October 11, 2017
Harvey Weinstein news is getting bad. Yesterday AOL sent Jamie an alert about the audio from the NYC Police sting of Harvey trying to force a woman into his hotel room to watch him shower or Masturbate. She was just a young actress trying to make her way and he was very forceful towards her more

BJ & Jamie: Smart People Are Moving West. 10/11 (AUDIO)

October 11, 2017
The report this morning is that the smartest people in America are moving West.. To Colorado. Boulder and Ft Collins is attracting some of the smartest people in America. We feel like we are missing so much stuff here in Colorado and we all need to go on a road trip and discover what this state more