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BJ & Jamie: Apu of The Simpsons faces Criticism 4/10

April 10, 2018
Simpsons under fire over the character Apu. People are saying that it is offensive to have a white man doing the voice and Apu’s accent is a stereotype. The Simpson’s have been on for over 28 years, it’s a bit late to start complaining about him. Everyone is so uptight now a days. Read the more

BJ & Jamie: New Malware hacks ATM's for free money 4/10

April 10, 2018
There is a new Malware that allows people to scam the ATMs and get them to spit out cash. The report is that there is a credit card that has the malware on the card and when you swipe put it in the ATM it will spit out what ever amount of cash you tell it too. We all love getting things for more

BJ & Jamie: We called Mall-Cop-Ben's Mom 4/10

April 10, 2018
Mall-Cop-Ben’s mom has been texting the show from Indiana, talking about how proud she is of her son Ben. So we called her this morning to get her opinion of the show and some dirt on her son! Since I (Intern Ben) am the one posting this, I figured I'd link ya'll to a clip from one of my more

BJ & Jamie: Trevor Davis #11 for the Packers detained for bomb joke at LAX 4/9

April 9, 2018
Football player Trevor Davis makes explosives joke at LAX airport ticket counter. Jamie shares story about her son 'blowin it up' with security staff at more

BJ & Jamie: Sean's Stoned Post 4/9

April 9, 2018
Did Sean have feelings left over from Easter, was he smoking that good-good? His twitter post was pretty vague. #Followmeread more

BJ & Jamie: Patrick Reed wins the Masters 4/9

April 9, 2018
Masters a big success, BJ and Jamie wonder why they don’t play golf professionally after seeing how much professional golfers make for a weekend of playing the game. Patrick Reed, has a bad attitude, and is the least popular golfer in the world. Video of The Clinching Putt: 2018 Masters more

BJ & Jamie: Von Miller catches a Hammerhead and some flak 4/5

April 5, 2018
Von Miller in trouble with PETA and the Florida fish and game for accidently catching a hammerhead shark while on a fishing trip in Florida. It is illegal to catch a hammerhead shark and if you do you are required to throw it back. PETA saw the pictures and made the state of Florida aware and more

BJ & Jamie: Bud Light's "Dilly Dilly" banned from The Masters. 4/4

April 4, 2018
The Master’s starts tomorrow and Dilly Dilly has been banned. If anyone yells Dilly Dilly they will be thrown out of the Gallery. Read the whole story HERE Video of Bud Light: Banquetread more

BJ & Jamie: Cell phone radiation linked to cancer in rats. 4/4

April 4, 2018
Thanks to rats, its finally been proven that cell phone radiation CAN cause cancer. Will this news really stop anyone from carrying them though? Read the whole story HERE Video of Cell Phone Radiation Linked to Cancerread more

BJ & Jamie: 3.2 Beer is going away. 4/3 (Audio)

April 3, 2018
3.2 beer will soon be gone and that means they have to change the laws in Denver Parks. Right now the law is that only 3.2 beer is allowed in the parks but they will have to change the law to full strength beer now. Read the Whole Story HERE! Video of Should Denver parks allow beer with more