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BJ & Jamie: The Clinton's Home was on Fire And Internet Trolls Were Brutal. 1/4/ (AUDIO)

January 4, 2018
A Fire at the Clinton’s home and it was covered live on Facebook and the Trolls were super mean to her saying did she fall in the oven? Or is she trying to get rid of more evidence? Read the Whole Story HERE! Video of Fire Breaks Out At Bill & Hillary Clinton's Homeread more

BJ & Jamie: Bruno Mars New Song With Cardi B 'Finesse'. 1/4

January 4, 2018
Bruno Mars The five-time Grammy winner and the rapper, released a collaboration with Cardi B, titled “Finesse,” 30 minutes ahead of its midnight release on Thursday. Originally released on Mars’ 2016 album, 24K Magic, the song has a new jack-swing inspired beat and plenty of drums. Read the more

BJ & Jamie: Outrage over casinos prosecuting gamblers using abandoned slot credits. (AUDIO) 1/3

January 3, 2018
News story of a man in Blackhawk who found a ticket with $.76 on it and he put it into a machine and the floor boss grabbed him and he was charged with stealing from the casino. The rule is any left money belongs to the casino and he was ordered to repay the $.76 and when he refused he was more

BJ & Jamie: Keys to living to 100 years old. 1/3

January 3, 2018
Jamie has the list of what you need to do to stay young. Brain exercise, Little Red Wine at night, Become a Vegan, Volunteer, drink Greek Coffee, find inner Peace, Stay Social, do new things a rut will kill you, Olive Oil will clean your soul and embrace cold weather it burns calories and more

BJ & Jamie: CNN Reporter on Cannabus for NYE. 1/2 (AUDIO)

January 2, 2018
CNN reporter did a live report from a CannaBus tour in Colorado on New Year Eve. She helped a guy do a bong and was waving around a joint on TV. We think it makes Colorado look bad. Read the Story HERE! Video of CNN Randi Kaye New Years Eve On The Weed Bus 2018read more

BJ & Jamie: Grinch Bots Buying Up The Hot Toys. 12/14 (AUDIO)

December 14, 2017
The Grinch Bots are ruining Christmas. They are computer robots that buy up all the toys and hot products before the consumer can even get a chance to get them for the kids. Read all about Grinch Bots HERE! Video of ‘Grinch-Bots’ Buy Holiday Toys, Resell With Huge Markups | NBC Nightly Newsread more

BJ & Jamie: Anderson Cooper Mean Tweets Trump. 12/14 (AUDIO)

December 14, 2017
Anderson Cooper shot out some pretty nasty tweets to Donald Trump at 6AM. He says that he left his phone unlocked on the bench at the gym and his assistant grabbed it and sent out the tweets. Jamie says he was on Ambien and doesn’t remember tweeting. BJ say it was booze. Read the Whole Stroy HERE! more

BJ & Jamie: 6 Year Old Makes Millions on YouTube Reviewing Toys. 12/12 (AUDIO)

December 12, 2017
BJ and Jamie discuss the story of this amazing 6-year-old kid that makes millions a year on YouTube...all he does is play with toys and give his 6-year-old point of view! Read all this Kid HERE! Video of 6-year-old made $11 million in one year reviewing toys on You Tuberead more

BJ & Jamie: California Man Saves Burning Bunny. 12/12 (AUDIO)

December 12, 2017
There is a story of a California man who pulled his car over to save a burning bunny. Now a Second man has come forward saying he was the man in the video saving the bunny and he has a singed bunny to prove it. Read the Whole Story HERE! Video of Man stops car to rescue rabbit from more

BJ & Jamie: Boys Anti-Bullying Video Goes Viral. 12/11 (AUDIO)

December 11, 2017
There is a video of a boy who is being bullied and he has his mom record him asking why do kids do this?. They call him names and throw food at him and other kids and it makes him sad. Several celebrities have come out in support of him. Read The Whole Story HERE! Video of Heartbreaking video more