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BJ & Jamie: Fake Uber drivers (Audio) 4/16

April 16, 2018
There is an Uber scam going on-- FAKE uber drivers. People are putting fake uber stickers in their windows and hanging out near bars. They prey on inebriated party goers, stopping in front of the location, and when inebriated people hop in their cars, they assault them! Be careful! BJ and more

BJ & Jamie: Intern Brittany has buyer's remorse 4/16

April 16, 2018
Intern Brittany is having buyer’s remorse. Over the weekend, she went out and bought herself a car. As soon as she did, she felt like she made a bad decision. Brittany is hoping she can take the car back today. The Texters are giving her advice on how to give it more

BJ & Jamie: Egg recall in Colorado! (Audio) 4/16

April 16, 2018
200,000 eggs have been recalled due to salmonella, and it affects Colorado. The Eggs were sold in grocery stores, Walmarts and even Waffle house more

BJ & Jamie: Butt Juice and Chinese spit (Audio)

April 13, 2018
BJ tells us about a new study which shows that retail shoppers should wash their clothes before trying them more

BJ & Jamie: Walmart Yodeling Kid (Audio)

April 13, 2018
Walmart yodeling boy, Mason, is from Jamie’s hometown! He’s gotten his college education payed for by Walmart. Not only that, he’s been on Ellen and gonna sing at Coachella! Good job, Mason. more

BJ & Jamie: 23 And Me Yields Interesting Results 4/12

April 12, 2018
BJ got back his 23 And Me results and he is so devastated. It turns out that Bj is not Native American at all ...he is European and French! His dad told him years ago that he was told he was Cherokee Indian. Read the whole story HERE Video of Investigation Puts Ancestry DNA Kits To The Test more

BJ & Jamie: Cancun Sees 14 Dead In 36 Hours 4/12

April 12, 2018
14 Murders in 36 hours in Cancun Mexico in the tourist areas where gun violence is not normally seen. Read the whole story HERE Video of Major DISTRESS Mexico’s CANCUN CITY 14 Dead 5 Wounded 4.11.18read more

BJ & Jamie: Moby says food stamps shouldn't be for "junk" 4/11

April 11, 2018
Moby facing backlash for arguing food stamps shouldn't be used for "junk" food. Read the whole story HERE Video of Moby - porcelainread more

BJ & Jamie: Close to 50 geese killed in single lightning strike 4/11

April 11, 2018
BJ has a story of a group of Geese that were all struck by lightning at the same time and fell out of the sky. 48 geese all fell at once and a vet looked them over and confirmed that their lungs exploded from the lightning strike. BJ says because of Jamie’s lightning fear he now has a big more

BJ & Jamie: Tax Day Is Two Days Late And Fake Pot kills 4/11

April 11, 2018
Tax Day is the 17th this year and Jamie needs to find her accountant. Turns out Fake Pot kills. Read the whole story on Tax Day HERE Read the whole story on Fake Pot HERE Video of Fake pot likely tainted with rat poison kills 3, sickens 100read more