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BJ & Jamie's Sassy Singles Quiz

October 20, 2017
Take BJ & Jamie's Sassy Singles quiz and find out if you are ready for Cuffing Season or if you love Living Single. /**/ In the Loop is not a dating service. Meet new singles friends without any pressure! In the loop plans about 30 activities a month and 4-5 trips a year just for singles! more

BJ & Jamie: Pittsburgh Mom Uses Brick To Bustout Teachers Teeth. 10/20 (AUDIO)

October 20, 2017
A woman who admitted to attacking her daughter’s teacher was arraigned Thursday night, and new details of what led up to the attack have been revealed in a criminal complaint. Police said Daishonta Williams went to King pre-K-8 on Wednesday for a conference about an incident involving her more

BJ & Jamie: Back Yard Chickens Are Making You Sick. 10/20 (AUDIO)

October 20, 2017
Chicken Danger!! 1,100 people in America have come down with salmonella due to holding and snuggling their chickens because they are not pets they are farm animals. Sean seems like he might be over his chickens and BJ says they should just go drop them off at KFC! Read the Whole Story HERE! more

BJ & Jamie: 48 Hour Missing Teen Challenge on Social Media. 10/19 (AUDIO)

October 19, 2017
There is a new thing called the 48 hour challenge. This is where 12 to 14 year olds are being encouraged on social Media to go missing for 48 hours. You get scores by getting mentions on social media of your missing. Jamie had to already have a conversation with her son about the challenge. more

BJ & Jamie: Olive Garden Blows Up, No One Killed. 10/19 (AUDIO)

October 19, 2017
An Olive Garden blew up with over 70 people inside the restaurant and no one was killed! It turns out that an electrical room blew up and blew all the equipment was blow out into the parking lot! We all have that strange thing in out home that freaks us out a bit Jamie is always worried about more

BJ & Jamie: Melania Trump Body Double? 10/19 (AUDIO)

October 19, 2017
The new conspiracy coming out of Washington is that Melania Trump could be using a body double.. When we see Donald and Melania in public and she is wearing her big dark sunglasses that is the double.. Read the whole story HERE! Video of Melania Trump Uses Body Doubles, Latest Trump more

BJ & Jamie: Las Vegas Security Guard On Ellen. 10/18

October 18, 2017
Jesus Campos has been found! He is the Security Guard from the Mandalay Bay that was shot by the shooter before he started shooting at the concert from his room. Yesterday he was missing and had canceled all his interviews and we all gave our reasons why he was missing. Witness Protection, more

BJ & Jamie: Insensitive imaging has to go! 10/18

October 18, 2017
BJ said he got a memo about some of the drops he has been using on the show. With all the stuff in the news over sexual harassment, some of the drops are insensitive so management wants BJ & Jamie to be a bit more sensitive. So Sean made us some more family-friendly imaging for the more

BJ & Jamie: Sean scammed by Online auction app. 10/18 (AUDIO)

October 18, 2017
BJ and Jamie think that sean is being scammed he is using a auction app and and has bought some stuff and is trying to get Jamie involved. Video of Tophatterread more

BJ & Jamie: Offensive Halloween Costumes. 10/17 (AUDIO)

October 17, 2017
This year there are a lot of offensive costumes making news this year and Jamie's son wants to wear “The Wall” costume and Jamie says no way! Party City is under fire for the costume and some people are asking for it to be pulled from the shelves. Read About the Party City Wall Costume HERE! more