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sam's sunday school: july 18, 2010 *new gin blossoms, live kris allen and a

Here is the playlist for tonight’s Sam’s Sunday School! I’d like to remind you all that the reason I play some of these tunes is to gauge your reactions to them. Sometimes a song that plays here, becomes the next big thing on Alice based on YOUR opinions! You can comment below or if you’d rather email privately- do so:

Enjoy tonight’s show! 

1. Train- Hey Soul Sister (Country Mix)
Album: This mix can be purchased on iTunes/it’s not on the album

2. Anberlin- Impossible
Album: Dark is the Way, Light is a Place (Release Date: September 2010)
The new album title for the group’s 5th studio release comes from the Dylan Thomas poem “Poem on His Birthday.”

3. Nikki & Rich- Cat & Mouse
Everything (Release Date: September 28, 2010)
LA’s Nikki Leonti and Rich Skillz have an unmistakable chemistry. The duo was paired up to do some writing by Nikki’s manager and discovered they had a little something more so they joined forces as an act.

4. Gin Blossoms- Miss Disarray
No Chocolate Cake (Release Date: September 28, 2010)
The guys in the GBs enjoyed immense success in the mid 90s with songs like “Follow You Down” and “Til I Hear It From You.” Last year they released a live album that had recordings of several fan favorites and a cover of “Rocket Man” from Elton John. No Chocolate Cake will be their 5th studio album and their first full-length of new material in 4 years.

5. Brandon Flowers- Crossfire
Flamingo (Release Date: September 24, 2010)
A lot of the material for this album was originally written for The Killers but since the band wanted a break- Brandon decided to use them for a solo release. Charlize Theron is in the video and she kicks some ninja’s butts. Watch the video below:

6. Enigma- Sadeness Part 1 **Lost Track**
Album: MCMXC a.D.

7. Burnham- Catch Me If You Can
If you aren’t tired of young boys singing about love they can’t possibly understand yet (like Justin Bieber), here’s another group for you. But seriously, the 3 brothers, Alex, Andre and Forrest have been performing together for 7 years (they are only 18, 16 and 14!). For this release, the brothers collaborated with very well-known songwriters like Ryan Tedder of OneRepublic who co-wrote this song with them. And yes, they are going to be touring with one Justin Bieber.

8. Jarrod Niemann - Lover, Lover (cover of Sonia Dada)
Judge Jarrod & The Hung Jury
This one might sound familiar… because the chorus was written by Dan Pritzer of Sonia Dada. The title of the SD song is “You Don’t Treat Me No Good.” In his bio- he credits some other inspirational moments in his song-writing to artists Electric Light Orchestra and the Beach Boys. Before his solo career launching- he’d written songs for Garth Brooks, Julie Roberts and Blake Shelton (among others!)

The following recordings were done in our Alice AT&T Session Studio Monday, July 12, 2010.

9. Kris Allen- Alright With Me (ANA)
Kris Allen (original album version, of course)

10. Kris Allen-  Live Like We're Dying (ANA)

11. Kris Allen- The Truth (ANA)

12. Kris Allen- Man in the Mirror (ANA)
*Michael Jackson cover*

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07/18/2010 6:50PM
sam's sunday school: july 18, 2010 *new gin blossoms, live kris allen and a version of a train
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07/18/2010 7:17PM
Awesome. I love that you played Jerrod! I've been a fan of his for a while. Also, are the live versions of those Kris Allen songs going to available to watch/listen to on the website anytime soon?
07/18/2010 7:31PM
I'm so glad you're airing the Kris Allen live sessions - I saw him at Red Rocks last week with a group of friends & we all thought he was awesome!
07/19/2010 4:43PM
Like Brandon Flowers's voice a lot. Song is good, but the video . . . not so good. Love the Kris Allen acoustic stuff. I've heard Live Like We're Dying quite a bit -- so for something new, I like The Truth and Alright with Me (the Ford commercial song).
08/05/2011 4:27PM
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