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Slacker & Steve Topics of the Day

3P) The Bad News Bearers
Breaking big news is hard and we want to help! Want to quit your job? We'll call your boss! Need to tell someone you're pregnant? We can do that! Want to break up? We're great at it! Tell us the bad news you need to deliver and we'll help you at 3!
4P) OPP: Speed Therapy
We get a lot of OPPs and some of them are a little easier to solve than others. Today, we're tackling those! If you have a quick problem you need help with, we want to talk to you at 4!
5P) Dumb Things You Believed as a Kid
As a kid, you don't always understand the way the world works. For instance, Steve thought the police sat in a tower in the middle of town and watched for any crimes to happen and would then go catch the bad guys. If you believed something funny as a kid, we want to hear what it was at 5!
6P) GMD: This Old House
The ex of one half of today's Great Mate Debate is causing trouble in their life...without actually being involved in their life. Find out how and tell them if you think it's a big deal or not at 6!
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