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This Month's Slacker and Steve Special at Isle Casino Hotel Blackhawk

Get this month’s Slacker and Steve Special at the Isle Casino Hotel Blackhawk! Just Text “ISLE” to 51059 and get the offer sent directly to your mobile device! 
(Message and Data Rates Apply)

Slacker & Steve Topics of the Day

3P) UFOs
A New Jersey man is claiming that he lost his v-card to an alien! Have you been abducted? Spotted a UFO while driving in the middle of nowhere? Tell us your UFO stories at 3!
4P) OPP: Husband Doesn't Like Pregnant Body
Having your first child can really put a strain on your relationship. Today's OPP has her first child on the way and needs your help figuring out how to fix the damage it's caused her relationship. Hear her OPP and give her your advice at 4!
5P) Toilet
A woman in China had to be saved by firefighters...because she got stuck in the toilet! Whether it was an injury involving a toilet, you got stuck, or it flooded your house...we want to hear your crazy toilet stories at 5!
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