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3P) Joy Ride
Know what 3-year-olds aren't the best at? Driving! One 3-year-old proved it by stealing a jeep and crashing it into a house! If you've ever taken a car for a joy ride when you shouldn't have, we want to talk to you at 3!
4P) OPP: One-Night Stand
Today's OPP just got out of a relationship and thinks one thing will help her get over it...the problem is, she has no idea how to do it! Find out what she's planning on doing and give her your advice at 4!
5P) What Your Parents Don't Know
No matter how old you get, you have a secret that would kill you if your parents ever found out. Maybe you cheated to get into college. Maybe you slept with one of their friends. Maybe lied and blamed your dog for something it didn't do and they put it down...or maybe that one is just Steve. No matter what your secret is, tell us what your parents don't know at 5!
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