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Slacker & Steve Topics of the Day

3P) Should We Play the Call?
We did a segment on Friday where we would deliver big news for you. Katelyn called and wanted help breaking off her wedding. We called her fiancé, Ray, and told him off the air...and a lot of people were mad and said we shouldn't air the call. Go to our Facebook page and tell us what you think we should do. We'll tell you if we're going to air it or not at 3!
4P) OPP: He's Forceful with My Kids
It's never an easy pill to swallow when someone critiques your parenting skills or tries to boss your children around right in front of you. That's what today's OPP is going through and who she's dealing with might change your opinion on the situation. Hear her problem and tell her what you think at 4!
5P) Overreacted
Jumping out of the truck...because of a lizard. Pulling a gun...on a Girl Scout. Setting your ex's couch on fire...while it still in your house. These all might be considered slight overreactions. If you've ever completely overreacted to so etching, we want to talk to you at 5!

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