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When we think of movie re-boots we think of one’s that do well like The Amazing Spider Man or The Man of Steel, but there is the occasional one that we all look forward to that just doesn't quite add up to expectations.  Case in point: RoboCop.  I debated on seeing this movie in theaters strictly because I am against the trend of taking classics (whether 70′s, 80′s, or 90′s) and over hyping the re-boot like they have done with this.

It was only because of the involvement of Samuel L. Jackson that I decided to make this movie worth my time.

Samuel L. Jackson, Gary Oldman and Michael Keaton Did Nothing to Help RoboCop Re-Boot.

Yes, it’s true having power celebrities in your film will draw in an audience.  Gary Oldman is an incredible actor with so many talented years under his career, and Samuel L. Jackson is famously known for his role as Nick Fury in the Marvel films including The Avengers.  But unfortunately even the power actors cannot win against poor writing, and an actor that cannot stay in character.

Here’s where the problem is; Joel Kinnaman plays Alex Murphy a loving devoted husband and father who is tragically blown up in an explosion meant to kill him.  He survives the blast and through genetic modification and science he is given the chance to be a person again – only in the form of RoboCop.

When you take an actor and give them two distinct roles to play they tend to get confused, in this case Joel Kinnaman acted like a normal everyday person while still in his RoboCop suit. Then in scenes (almost seamlessly next to each other) he over did the robotic movements.

The new suit is black rubber meant to look like it is metal, but clearly you can tell when certain movements are made that are un-natural.  There was also the addition of eighties background music and slow paced character development.  I was ready to surrender 45 minutes into the film and walkaway.

Did Samuel L. Jackson Play a Role in the Failure of the RoboCop Re-Boot?

No, he was and always will be a great actor.  I think his character was what got the best of him and all the other stars involved.  Michael Keaton plays the corporate villain which is a complete 180 from how the audience expects to see him.  Gary Oldman tried to bring the drama during certain scenes but was overshadowed by the poor performance of Joel Kinnaman as RoboCop.

Over all this movie gets a 1 star out of 5 (if not 10).  If you want a better suggestion for a movie night I would recommend staying in and watching Sandra Bullock’s Gravity which is out now on DVD and BluRay.
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