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The Good, The Bad & The Ugly- Beauty Tutorials

YouTube is chalk full of beauty tutorials for everything you can imagine putting your face and hair through. While most of these Beauty Queens know what they're doing, we couldn't help but point out some failed attempts. 

Just in time for Halloween, use dope2111's channel to get flawless costume makeup ideas including Disney princesses, video game girls and celebrities! 

Courtesy YouTube

In addition to being arguably the most adorable thing on the Internet, Zoella, has helpful beauty tips, funny guest stars and even offers the occasional advice video.

courtesy YouTube

Cara Loren has TONS of tutorials for makeup and hair dos!

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Check out Daily Grace for helpful beauty tips and a good laugh! 

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Want to see more beauty vloggers? Check out this list of 14 Vloggers You Should be Watching!

Andddd the fails...

Curling your hair

courtesy YouTube


courtesy YouTube

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