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OPP: Is Porn Cheating?

April and her boyfriend have been together for about a year. Only problem is… He watches porn like 5 or 6 times a week! They still have relations, but he is thinking they
would have more if he wasn’t watching porn so much. Could she consider this cheating?

Slacker doesn’t think its cheating. Thinks they need to have a conversation to discuss her concerns. He says it’s ok for a person like Steve. Slacker thinks Steve of watches a lot of porn. Mainly because he has been on Steve’s computer before and knows what he looks at. Slacker doesn’t think that they should waste any time with this question because it definitely isn’t cheating. The only problem with porn is that it may distort the actual reality of the relationship and expectations.

Steve says it’s cheating, but thinks pornography is ok in general. He does watch porn but not as regularly as April’s boyfriend. He Says he doesn’t have time to do it that much. Steve mainly thinks its emotional cheating, especially if the porn star says I love you!

What do you think? Is it cheating?

I have had this problem in some of my relationships. I don’t think this is cheating by any means. The reason being is that it’s just a fantasy; nothing physical or emotional will ever come out of watching pornography. Unless he decides to move to Silicon Valley, then you might want to be worried.

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05/09/2014 4:31PM
OPP: Cheating With Porn
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05/09/2014 4:47PM
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Is that cheating?
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