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"Great Mate Debate on Slacker & Steve: Do you fight over another couple's problems?"
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07/14/2011 7:04AM
Great Mate Debate on Slacker & Steve: Fighting over another couple's fight
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07/14/2011 11:18AM
Girlfriend vs. my friends relationship
So, i already have to hear from my friend abou HIS problems... My girlfriend, who decided to befriend his girlfriend, suddenly becomes involved in their relationship issues... So, I now have to hear about it from her two. The argument usually starts whenI tell her to mind her own business, and it escalates when she takes her "friends" side, over my best friends.
07/14/2011 11:23AM
OCP--Other couple's problems
YI--guys! I think my husband and I have argued in the past about OCP, usually it's because I've heard the woman's side and I understand where she's coming from and he's heard the man's side and understands him too. We generally just let it go because it's not our business and we need to let them sort out their issue without our influence. We can agree to disagree since they need to decide how to solve their own problem and not how WE might choose to tackle a problem. It does make for some very awkward dinner conversation, though!
07/14/2011 11:31AM
I always get dragged into other couples/people's issues because im the go-to friend. It gets so bad that sometimes my boyfriend and I fight about it because im too stressed about their issues. Poor guy :( -Meags
07/14/2011 11:51AM
YI! My fiance and I tend to stay out of it unless we are dragged in. We usually just sit back and watch and every so often we will throw our two cents in just to see if it heats it up. I guess you could say we are pretty sick haha
07/14/2011 1:04PM
My extended family and I always get into it about my parents relationship. They got divorced 7 years ago but have never really stopped being a married couple (joint accounts, both names on everything, live together). It is a sore spot for the family, but I was in between my parents in their divorce (it was bloody) and personally, I think their relationship is better than it's ever been. However, the fam (who all live 1,000 miles away) just can't see that and are out for blood from my dad. Makes for some awkward family BBQs haha.
07/14/2011 2:11PM
YI!! ok, well I happen to be a very easy person to talk to.. so I hear alot about OCP. When my hubby hears and agrees with one party or the other it definitely causes stress and waves between us. Best thing.. just stay out of OCP's!! Let them work in out on their own... otherwise .. later on.. it may just blow up in your face and backfire on you for agree/disagree(ing) with one of the couple.
05/02/2012 7:32PM
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