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Indulge your inner curiosity with caller driven conversation that make you feel like you’re part of the conversation—or even better, eavesdropping on someone else’s drama. Slacker and Steve have a way of making light of thought-provoking topics by showcasing the humor in the dysfunction of everyday life, while challenging Alice’s lady listeners by bringing the true Alice attitude to life.

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Slacker and Steve - Thought It Was Normal (Audio)

January 16, 2018
A Reddit user, has shared with the world how he only discovered at the age of 22 that having a "poop knife" is not normal. He explained how the kitchen utensil was used within his household 'to cut up the poop' if the toilet would not flush. He said he believed that it was completely normal more

Slacker and Steve - Cheater, Cheater (Audio)

January 16, 2018
Kelly Agnew, an avid ultramarathon competitor, was stripped of some of his titles after an investigation revealed that he was hiding in a Port-a-Potty to win races. The 45-year-old was disqualified at Across the Years, a fixed-time event in Arizona that takes place every new year, when he more

Slacker and Steve - OPP: Step-Mom at Wedding (Audio)

January 16, 2018
Yi! Amy is about to get married and her mom and step-mom don't get along and haven't for years. Her mom wasn't a big part of her life and her step-mom was. She has since rekindled her relationship with her mom and wants to make sure they are both happy. Amy also wants to make sure there isn't a more

Slacker and Steve - Baby Brain (Audio)

January 16, 2018
According to a new study, "baby brain" is absolutely real. Pregnancy can have all sorts of strange effects on the body, from morning sickness to a heightened sense of smell. Now, researchers have found that pregnancy brain is a significant and measurable phenomenon, confirming what pregnant more

Slacker and Steve - OPP: Cougar Friend (Audio)

January 12, 2018
Yi! Today's OPP is from Candy and she needs your help! Candy has an adult, 23-year-old son. Her best-friend just came up to her and asked if it was okay to hook up with him. Apparently, they've already been seeing each other behind her back. Candy is at a loss for what to do. If she says no, more

Slacker and Steve - Fat Shaming (Audio)

January 12, 2018
Megyn Kelly is attempting to explain her controversial statements on fat-shaming. During an interview Thursday with fit mom Maria Kang, best known for her “No Excuses” campaign, Kelly made a controversial comment. Kelly was referencing how she used to have her stepfather call her a fat a** more

Slacker and Steve - Trapped (Audio)

January 11, 2018
A UK butcher was trapped in a walk-in freezer when he decided to use some sausage as a battering ram on the frozen release button. Another woman was trapped in her car for nine hours in freezing temperature after a car crash. Where have you been trapped?read more

Slacker and Steve - Claim to Fame (Audio)

January 11, 2018
A California runner is trying to break a Guinness World Record by running the entire Boston Marathon while facing backwards. Another woman has become famous for her giant avocado weighing in at 5lbs. What’s the craziest claim to fame story you’ve heard?read more

Slacker and Steve - Overreacted (Audio)

January 11, 2018
A business owner drove 500 miles to find and beat up a customer who left a bad review online. The customer received her online order four days later than it said it would arrive so she left the nasty review. The company owner was so upset that he found her and attacked her. How have you overreacted?read more

Slacker and Steve - GMD: Family Avenue (Audio)

January 11, 2018
Today’s Great Mate Debate is from Ann and Conner and they need your help! They are getting some new neighbors, but Conner isn’t too happy about it. Ann’s parents are looking into moving on to the same street. Conner doesn’t want them to because he thinks it will be stressful but Ann doesn’t see more