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Indulge your inner curiosity with caller driven conversation that make you feel like you’re part of the conversation—or even better, eavesdropping on someone else’s drama. Slacker and Steve have a way of making light of thought-provoking topics by showcasing the humor in the dysfunction of everyday life, while challenging Alice’s lady listeners by bringing the true Alice attitude to life.

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Slacker and Steve - Fun in Dysfunction (Audio)

April 24, 2018
A woman hit her adult daughter with her car after an argument in a tobacco store parking lot. Some families just put the fun in dysfunction. What makes your family dysfunctional?read more

Slacker and Steve - Taking a Man's Last Name (Audio)

April 24, 2018
A mom started a huge debate online after saying she is sick of being judged all the time for not taking her husband's name after they were married. Do you think a woman should take her husband's last name when they are married?read more

Slacker and Steve - Flight Follies (Audio)

April 24, 2018
An American Airlines passenger was tased 10 times after getting into a struggle with police on board a scheduled flight fro Miami to Chicago Sunday. People do some crazy things on airplanes. What's the craziest thing you've ever seen on an airplane?read more

Slacker and Steve - How Tough Are You? (Audio)

April 23, 2018
Last week, a 20 year old man was attacked by a shark in Kauai, less than a year after he was attacked by a black bear and three years ago, was bitten by a rattlesnake. Another person walked 35 miles along the Appalachian Trail with a leg that was broken in 22 places. What’s the toughest thing you’ more

Slacker and Steve - OPP: Tinder Vacation (Audio)

April 23, 2018
Jillian is looking for a relationship and has tried all sorts of things to find love, except for Tinder. She’s leaving soon for a conference where there will be young, successful men. Should she try Tinder and hope that something sticks with someone? She’s hesitant because Tinder is used for more

Slacker and Steve - This Kid Knows How to Run Away! (Audio)

April 23, 2018
Instead of going to school like he said, an Australian boy flew to Bali after tricking his grandmother into giving him his passport and stealing his mom’s credit card. Have you tried to run away?read more

Slacker and Steve - It's Prom Season! (Audio)

April 19, 2018
A girl that dreams of one day becoming a funeral director showed up to her prom in a casket. What are your crazy prom stories?read more

Slacker and Steve - Anti-Bucket List (Audio)

April 19, 2018
There are some things that aren't worth doing again. Some examples include waiting all day in line at Disney World or jumping out of a plane. What are your Anti-Bucket List items?read more

Slacker and Steve - GMD: Home or Just a House (Audio)

April 19, 2018
Gwen and Ron have two boys that are 10 and 12 years old. Ron wants the family to move since they have a smaller house and the boys are getting older. Gwen wants to stay in the house that they raised their kids in. Should they be practical and move? Or should they stay in the house that built more

Slacker and Steve - A Kid Almost Got Hit by a Tornado Because of a Video Game (Audio)

April 18, 2018
A kid kept playing the popular game “Fortnite” while a tornado destroyed his neighbor’s house. He looked out the window and saw the roof being lifted off and continued to play. It wasn’t until the power lines started to come down when he got his sister and nephew into a safer place, but he said more