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Irreverent, funny, and real-life radio, BJ and Jamie kick off the day with topical and relationship topics that often cross the line of dysfunctional and unbelievable, yet they’re always hilarious. 

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BJ & Jamie: Jamie Really Wants to See Hamilton. 1/17 (Audio)

January 17, 2018
Jamie really wants to go to Hamilton when it comes here to Denver. The tickets don't go on sale until Monday and she is worried she won't be able to get any for herself and her son. What is the most she should pay for tickets? Look for tickets at the DCPA HERE! Video of Ten Minutes of Hamilton Clipsread more

BJ & Jamie: Meteor Over Michigan Caused Earthquake 1/17 (audio)

January 17, 2018
The Meteor fell over Detroit but it blew up in the sky caused no real damage but it did cause a 2.1 earthquake. Read the Whole Story HERE! Video of Meteor 1/16/2018 SE michiganread more

BJ & Jamie: Ed Sherran A Music Thief! 1/16 (audio)

January 16, 2018
Ed Sheeran accused again of stealing a song from another person and passing it off as his own. Ed has been sued twice for this and now it is happening again. This time with a song he gave to Tim McGraw and his wife Faith Hill. Read the Whole Story HERE! Video of Tim McGraw, Faith Hill - The Rest more

BJ & Jamie: Hawaii False Missile Alarm. 1/16 (audio)

January 16, 2018
The people of Hawaii were freaked out over the weekend everyone on the island received a text message that a bomb was on its way to the island and for everyone to take cover. The report is that the guy in charge of the emergency alert pushed the wrong button; during an interview about the more

BJ & Jamie: BJ Is Looking For "The Next Big Thing" on Kick Starter. 1/12 (audio)

January 12, 2018
BJ is really wanting to invest in the next big thing and he thinks that Kick Starter may be the place to find that next “Big Thing”. Check out some of the great ideas on Kick Starter HERE! Video of Barney Smith's Toilet Seat Art Museum | Cloroxread more

BJ & Jamie: App Creates Recipes From Food in Your Fridge. 1/12 (Audio)

January 12, 2018
There was a new app coming out of the CES show in Las Vegas. It is an app that you can take a picture of the food that is in your refrigerator and the app will put together a recipe for you using the food in there. Read the whole story of this App HERE! Video of News Techcology - THE YUMMLY 2.0 APPread more

Bj & Jamie: Bj's Great Idea To Make Jamie Famous. 1/11 (audio)

January 11, 2018
Bj has a friend who owns a radio station that broadcasts into Jamie's home town and he wants to bring the show to his station. Would having a morning show in your own home town be a bad idea?read more

BJ & Jamie: IKEA's new Baby Crib Ad. Pee Test. 1/11 (audio)

January 11, 2018
IKEA has a new ad out and we are not sure how we feel about it… IKEAs ad is for a baby crib, you pee on the ad and if it tells you that you are pregnant you get a discount on the crib. This is a real ad and we think it is kind of gross. Read All About IKEA HERE! Video of IKEA seriously wants you more

BJ & Jamie: the Cloths Folding Rogot is Real! 1/10 (audio)

January 10, 2018
The Laundry Folder machine if finally here! It is a contraption that you toss your clean cloths into and it will fold them all for you. Jamie has been asking for a Laundry Fairy and here comes the Laun-Droid, it cost $16,000. Read all about the LaunDroid HERE! Video of A demonstration of “ more

BJ & Jamie: Bad Mud Slides in California. 1/10 (Audio)

January 10, 2018
Now there are mud slides in California due to the rain and Ca. is being slammed with the flu. Denver is also seeing flu problem. But due to the issue in Puerto Rico there is a shortage of IV Bags. BJ wants to go to the CES show in Las Vegas. Read all about the Mud Slides HERE! Video of At least more