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BJ & Jamie: Straw Law in Califonia Could Outlaw Straws. 3/20

March 20, 2018
How do Straws end up in the Ocean? In California if a restaurant server gives a person a straw and they did not ask for it they could be fined. Read All About the Law in California HERE! Video of Removing a plastic straw from a sea turtle's nostril - Short Versionread more

BJ & Jamie: Explosion Rattles Shipping Facility Near San Antonio Texas. 3/20 (AUDIO)

March 20, 2018
BJ is mad at himself because of what he did yesterday. His doorbell rang and he opened his front door and no one was there but there was 2 boxes on the porch and without thinking he grabbed them and tossed them on the floor in his living room. Another Bomb went off in Texas in a Fex-Ex more

BJ & Jamie: Self Driving UBER Kills Pedestrian in Arizona. 3/20

March 20, 2018
Woman hit by driverless car in Arizona and was killed. This is the first time a driverless car has killed someone. There was a driver in the car but the car was in autonomous mode and the driver was not impaired at all. Uber could face charges for the death under a new driverless car law. Read more

BJ & Jamie: Facebook Stock Took A Big Hit. 3/20 (Audio)

March 20, 2018
Facebook Stock Dropped and Mark Z lost $5 Billon because some guy said they sell our information to a third party for some reason. Some experts say this could be the end of FB! Fingers crossed! Read the Whole Story HERE! Video of Facebook's latest privacy scandal sends stock into more

BJ & Jamie: March Madness Brackets are busted! 3/19

March 19, 2018
March Madness has been upsetting. A lot of peoples brackets are blown up because some of the teams that were in the top spots have been knocked out. BJ’s team lost by only one point, he felt like the team that beat them have a religious advantage, they have a praying nun on the sidelines. Read more

BJ & Jamie: One Person Wins $450Million Power Ball. 3/19

March 19, 2018
One winner of the Powerball wins $450Million.. it was won back east and it all goes to one person. There is a story of a guy who won 19 Million he split with his Ex-wife and now he is totally broke and hooked on a $4,000 an month heroin addiction. His first purchase was a Gold PT Cruiser. He more

BJ & Jamie: Dog Dies in Over Head Compartment. 3/14

March 14, 2018
There is a story this morning about a family on vacation with their little dog. They board a plane with the dog in an approved pet carrier and place it under the seat like they were instructed. Before the flight an attendant told the family that the dog had to go into the upper luggage more

BJ & Jamie: List Of The Best And Worst Cars On The Roads, Jamie has 3 of them. 3/14 (Audio)

March 14, 2018
There is a list out this morning and it is rating cars.. Bj is giving Jamie a hard time and she thinks he gets joy out of it.. Her last 4 cars have all been on the top of the worst and most expensive cars made. Read the Whole Report HERE! Video of Top 5 worst car brandsread more

BJ & Jamie: St. Patrick's Day Bead Me Songs. 3/14

March 14, 2018
We want you to Vote... Richard Murphy and Sean made a brand new BEAD ME song for this years St. Patrick's day parade. Bj thinks it is not the best and it is way too long, Jamie says it is out St. Patty's Anthem! Listen To both Songs then go to Facebook and Vote for your favorite! Video of BJ & more

BJ & Jamie: Chinese Space Station Still Falling To Earth. 3/12 (AUDIO)

March 12, 2018
There is a Chinese space station that is falling to the Earth and it will probably hit Michigan.. Elon Musk says he will get to mars next year and now the owner of Amazon is also going to make his own rocket to go to mars before Elon. Read all about the Space Station falling to Michigan HERE! more