Win tickets to see TONIC


Creating Hope through Music and Purpose

It's not enough anymore to just drop off donations, or hand someone on a street corner five bucks. The number of homeless people in Colorado continues to be a problem. As more get help, more become homeless. What is the root of the problem and what is being done to solve it? While many companies receive millions a year to feed and clothe the homeless, are we really solving the homeless epidemic? Give a man a fish, he eats for a day. Teach a man to fish and he eats for a lifetime. So many small companies are trying to work to rehabilitate our homeless, the vets that are in need, those that are out of jail and find a way to integrate them back into society.  Isn't it our job as humans to ensure other humans are not sleeping on the streets? As passionate as people are about who kneels and who doesn't, who shows respect to the flag and who fights for equality, could we show that same passion for the vets living on the street? Our goal is to work, serve and give with a purpose. It takes more than dropping off donations to the charity. We are moving to interact with those in need the most to personally hand them the items they need, to learn their stories and to pair them up with the smaller organizations such as Empowerment Program to get them back on their feet.  The timing of our event is in sync with the snowiest time of year here in Colorado. Temperatures drop and snow falls harder in February and March as well as donations going down with the end of the holiday season.  Register below to win a pair of ticket to see Tonic live February 24th at Sunshine Studios Live! Support a great cause and enjoy local bands with headliner Tonic! Stay for the after party! All ages, 21+ for bar. To purchase tickets:  Please bring donations to the event in the form of blankets, coats, socks, gloves and toiletries