Katy Perry Secret Sound Contest

Win Tickets In the Alice Suite for Katy Perry


It’s just so sweeeeeet! Alice 1059 is giving you a sweet opportunity to win tickets in the Alice Suite for Katy Perry at Pepsi Center on Sunday, November 26th.

Guess the correct suite Secret Sound and you could win six Suite tickets to the show! The wrong guesses below can help you as clues to the correct answer. 

Mmmm it’s just sooooo sweet!

Sound #3 Wrong Guesses/Clues:

  • A jar lid closing or opening
  • Knife on a cutting board 
  • Chopping Celery    
  • Moving a box of stuffing  

Sound #2 Winner: Dean guessed correct! An electric carving knife

Sound #2 Wrong Guesses/Clues:

  • A Blender
  • A light rail train.

Sound #1 Winner: David guessed the correct Secret Sound #1, a turkey baster.

Sound #1 Wrong Guesses/Clues:

  • A Can opener opening a soup can or dog food
  • Squeezing syrup out of a bottle
  • Opening a pop top water bottle and squeezing some water out
  • Cranberry Sauce plopping out of the can
  • Putting a K-cup into a Keurig and closing the top
  • The strings of an electric guitar not plugged in
  • A Golf Ball falling into the hole
  • Putting a 5 gallon water bottle onto a water dispenser
  • Clicking of a phone
Contest Date Range: Monday, Nov 13th 2017 6:00am - Tuesday, Nov 21st 2017 6:00pm