Slacker and Steve - Weird Thing Ya Stole 10/16

Monday, October 16th


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Staying tight end David you're the president criminal here on the what's the coolest biggest weirdest thing you stole coolest yeah. Probably coolest weird probably bunch of stuff from a cop car one million. And where they're cops in the current term they would remember we were bombing cars with bags and so they got out of the car to chase after listening unibody circled back around jumped into the cop car and a big role of that top taped. The crime scene tape and a bunch of paperwork used to like reading out tickets to people we grab a pad of that you didn't stealing guns or anything that would get you in the twelve gave twelve gauge of Alamos longer locked in there I tried it yet he did I he went for. There. We sold elevator wants from a construction site. I saw. Vaguely remember you telling where we drink deeply you literally. How does one steel and elevator isn't it inside to here instead it was supposed to be you think they had it on a winch so it was kind of suspended above the ground nobody in my grabbed his dad's flat but dropped in just backed him early Ferrer he knew how to work the winch. Asia is unclear to me took off we never did find out what he did with an elevator car what did you do with an elevator car generally good news or offense for that you know some elected your big old after it's any day you suffer elevator car. Thing is heavy to. You if you re empowered to continue to doors open and close on never thought of that 'cause I would totally have that just slightly under the actor. I would have like. A good. Tell me you wouldn't do that suddenly you wanna buy that elevator are you. You find that gosh. I don't see. That you don't know why is defense. Elevate it and I'm so we'll talk about the weird thing you've stolen because there's a guy. Who stole one point two million dollars. We're is that the heat is Federer is but he did you gotta respect to these sorts each surge here. One point two million dollars for the do you look like that's your question how do you just grab little once he didn't he's been doing nest. For how many years like seven or eight or nine years so. Nine years here's a tagged on the keyboard prison rape me and stuff. Once a month or once a week or whatever when their food delivery dude would column hit site. Here's your shepherd's pie Hillary can. News Jericho aren't his record beats his death played is busy or what ever and he wouldn't take. All the fetus is now and then he would sell them to get his own light side. He'll go ask somebody ask yet his own for you business and so she's selling all the leaders. He's been doing this for nine years then one day he's got some sort of medical emergency or something. And has to do that. On the day when they delivered a fetus also got other guys they're like oh yeah you gotta call me yeah okay and we like to you this is a hello we don't get music. Did the job with the heat is off here for the last nine years there like we don't serve food heat is here ever and they put two institutions that there is started checking the invoices and likes to deliver to heat is here for nine years where the hell. Our nine years were the fajitas right so I guess the ones who is like work clock Irwin back it was a work area and saw in the fridge or freezer a bunch of these they need is so they. She's been arrested on this felony charges he could go to jail. Horry and that's what that's that's a little tiny little bit of embezzling one point two mil trump might. The government yeah. Can anybody did knowing Guinea Guinea anywhere near that but what have you stolen. This kind of big did you find. Source and priest you're rockets. Yes so some guy was working at NASA only one on eBay and silent some push fight is sell rocket engine. And so NASA guy started investigating went. He stole. A Saturn five imagine the all the Apollo rockets at center like his biggest likened it to his duties of and it's bigger than that huge chef and one guy managed to steal one from NASA they tried to sell a eBay and tell NASA guy busted a drive do okay. A lot of heat is story grabs the. He's walking out of this prison every day with a little bit of heat is maybe take some few days do it all out. I'm kinda get my brain around it there's no wages high. Saturn rocket now odds more even. Mayor you only eight. Still do you who could it be fighting the parks and many had to put back together in his garage average truck itself could cause you don't leave the nest and raise a red flag there guys I took. Does get a shuttle rocket just like ours. Where is that you could. Craig's list. That's that's pretty Gaza we need to know that you've stolen something bad. Somebody tried. Still 66 sticks of deodorant only return any boxed wine and since a lifetime supply uniting communities like. There are certain things did you realize her value bowl remember like a couple years ago win. It was discovered that my drug addicts were stealing tight. That's this is worth so much money that's true it's easily sensed you can always find people that's right they're willing to pay I mean I'm sure you know if it's a six dollar stick enduring yearling and get a couple bucks for a fact if you still 66 around dodger is this a hundred and some are so true. On someone tried to steal a Christmas tree. Okay wait a second an eight foot Christmas tree regular remember a story of you who didn't steal it paid for you stole Christmas trees put in the bottom of your car I see an eight foot song though it was eight as I. I need is a twelve foot. What do you want twelfth that it was the most massive Christmas tree into a -- somehow we use stolen you want I don't steal you guys out of the store so little source there was like we're doing 50% off on our Christmas trees and life. Well yeah I'll go win. Who's your 500 dollar Christmas for now I was like if it's 50% loss. I can justify that so like get there and I rolled up this is not actually stealing but. Also are so I can get out there and they don't. Bring it in this is 250 Johnson went a guy I democratic are like. Thoughts right now. They were in the capital but I realize they're that they have so they didn't have to do so then they went in they don't like they called nasal. It was during an interest in me. It's another half an estimate comes what does that dollars or five million knowingly that it should have been more. And this was stealing now how exactly. Out of Masso with a Brock did to his white collar and blue collar you do is why can't. You stole Christmas tree from NASA insists he within a year it was one of those really treats easy. 90% of its been almost justify these stolen because there wasn't worth it now I just feel like there's some sort of car Rick written that happen. Tonight I go women like me you'll know the players might take every damn one of play. And in Greece during my own and it's nice every year Nam little parts of fallen off its only been a few years so I'm. Good good just. It's apparent that the yeah yeah steeler. But then you stole some big night is yeah. We did just weird weird interesting. Stealing a million dollars for the heat is that's worth something in my brain or a rocket engine what have you stolen that's big. And kinda cool Jordan. Yeah I he stole some weird and awesome but. So it's not all my friends here and that's not what she saw how she Ole. Spank repair cart presently in fact lawyers have about how which in turn out kinda like a bird. Stipulation that. She looks out out jewelry. Don't turn pat let me see it should and should explain stuff she won it like to linger look slightly lower and ensure it trying to. I do try to complicate that super cheap. And let's go to the store so that heightened state ringing her little pouch. Essentially. Try and there really. Should pretend like I catch back and then she and her now you can't buy pollution that he might want to let them know. While working her way into her mouth and as a sore back that deal and then walk away with the real thing in her girls. Simply brilliant Jordan she found a way to make that public works for her. Howell. Kid. To Whittle back in time a little bit how does one discover one has not pouch in their throat now marsupial type of thing. What are you guys I have never heard of this in my life. What. She'd actually I had never than she let that it she read. Gross friend out I like Heidi loop. Like ala and their later they're you know and then just popping back up and I treat everybody outs and just so weird that she discovered Lindsey had added. So she can put stuff in her mouth open her mouth illegal act and does it upon inspection there's nothing in amounts but it's been a little pouch halfway down her throat. Do you look really closely you can actually see it and now they get that little prick street trying to lead people trying to achieve at. Good for her she's stealing jewelry are you still in the business you start at this soldering murder should stick impart to a Saturn five rocket out. She she render elect and that she doesn't get anymore diet. She she at all fouled and send thousands and thousands it's. No you know in it for you to do you have some of the jewelry George like itself. I just I guess my last question is then did. BC's counter person doesn't realize they're being handed back a piece of crap. Really they don't know the ring may hander Zach yeah. There were just so cool. Out by the fact that she got into. Every now learn. I. Just walk away. There are some brilliant parts of her passing you for the call Jordan while. I still gym teacher are always seems like halfway down I don't know where is this how how easy is. Deals. Yeah yeah I weird thing you stills. Well one match very liberated one of my friends trucks and assets and proceeded to date. Billboard that had a big tower audit from that chicken restaurant. My god what they're seeing or whatever saying word chick in nearly all morning line. Yeah but but the camera on the back of my buddies tracked and then return destructive Yemeni was trying to get into is that going to be a driveway. So solid steel truss yeah okay how on the back distracts. Lisa you were able to take just the cow part off of the billboard. Easy got a big public real cow was slow like him like Blake. The 3-D cows and just a memory as a like leaning up against lightly brush and their other river to climb up on something good. Like pulleys and laugh. Or is and what not so well that the lovely little alcohol didn't hurt but it now wow OJ annual and then where's that towel now Yahoo!. I you know I have absolutely no idea what happened again diplomatic gotten scared and and liked to get somewhere and put it to cast your bats that well. Did master series did their Daniel I can't do is really come into you know there was one that we can get to there's 24 foot 350 pound inflatable cow was stolen from the same restaurant in Arizona JR that's usually more there's a deep counts you're invested when you pull out on somebody started the talent someone else's backyard tournament. She ended chicken restaurant do my year's supply. A free meal so we can find Daniel shot gallery refer worried. At all I dealt. Yeah. This. Would steal this weird. And Jason dynamite yeah sure ha ha packets X where do you find that a construction Legos they're building a road or something so there rock quarry. Rock corny ass. You just drive into a rock quarry yet unannounced and go I just thought. In my now. I we cannot get there since I was eighteen years old I'm now fifty but. Micah nice not get there we've broken the floor shed some depth to dictate the dynamite in their. What does one do with the case of dynamite sticks his life it was fires in electric you need some sort of current CR. Well we have blasting cap so is that he's still those same time earns an air you don't package deal there. They don't without getting the federal government to come and oppose us once you blow up the as well let's just say we had the best fourth of July fireworks hey I. A firework such a divot yeah. The whole idea and due any day all it's your last saw a hole in the yeah resident dale. Dale I loved. That would dale you want to do our Jack up. I know. And the beautiful. He got really Big Ten could be really unstable and you can die like she got to use all the results like that is there's breaking down us they're McCain lost this Alyssa really good guys want you within his body blows in the home 101000 writes I will Stephen I have a dynamite party won't but I don't you guys.