Slacker and Steve - GMD: Vacation Clothes 4/20

Thursday, April 20th


They’re getting ready to go on vacation and what she has packed in her bag could ruin their entire trip…but she says she’s not changing a thing. Find out what it is and tell them who you agree with. It’s Great Mate Debate!


Selector in Steve's son today. My. At her side and look at and say. It's time. He stays drag my day job but hey it's. Jose hobbies are examining this. Cold and it's utter trash is anybody's head of you know she's. You are getting so little tennis because you're thrown into your headphones and a deer head believed. Examine this in the lives of two halves inch heels of fuel cool doesn't works and I didn't want to. And in full figured out there behind you make any debate out of a James. He's I don't get this soon as well listen dude close yeah I am not positive about what this is about so. Let's let's get them started June certain genes. Yeah I tell us until. Those guys Rachel and I'm a girlfriend limited last few years or organ rating goes to stay vacation and never had a big vacation together go to the Bahamas in three weeks of excited organ news. Our friend Indians there Miller another part of the country I meet them down there and I'm a little concerned because Rachel bought some outfits from bikinis from vacation. And she showed them we ought to end there are. There go a little too scandalous or my take is sitting there. There there are a little bit you know like bloody end. Hey I really don't want. Between and it's just a little much you know. You're you're going to a tropical environment he knows that she won't be the only one dress like that right. Of course not of course not that I'm talking like it barely covers are bought. And this is just a little bit lately shrink locate like how long and it has been made a little too much there's a bikini and then there's flaws you know a thing. So literally OK okay okay originally I. Hey I. What what. What's with the floss. How can I. I mean that I'd been working really hard you know into him to get my body you know at a point where I I really I want my friend regular green on vacation and and I don't I ET regularly Bardem Arnold on the. He is a bikini is actually led it we're talking like could barely an error it's it's like believe a little bit to the imagination on ache about it. You yourself you're worried about what. Other guys looking at a what are you weren't but what are you worried about your friends who are coming who it well what are you worried about it. Belittled it should go a little more educated let's play it on the verge of of nudity at this point to have its fine and it looks like underwear it's fine but it just. It is just too much remain yeah of course benevolent lot of big guys coming up to a little kids are gonna be at the BJ into mind Rachel. I highly I highly I highly doubt that any patterns and how we're going a tropical resort. And I'm running great. And related. To their family all the time of the Mohammed it's not like film the machine mystic resorts are really where there's. Older end. I'm sure their children haven't seen you know the cup car and he didn't even worse so I don't think I'm being cute at any. I'm James is this one bikini or couple bikinis or you are you OK with. 'cause she picked out some sun dresses and whatnot is is is her entire wardrobe to. Quotes slowed these for you or. Why did things go gather Sandra who are really short they barely go over crotch. Moved the old blue bikinis are like greens that are admitted that tops okay to cover medical. I think at over cal I think you're just being absolutely. Ridiculous in it. Larry King that her and it is all honey if that is like Bora or talking about it. General Eliot goats are made up its its old guard it sounds to meet Rachel you worked hard Rachel you earn that hot body right now it's time to kind of you know. General and you are. Our disaster can get seat. Armed and that'll. You try to grow slowly beyond what you read our new president and I want you to rub anybody else. Yeah. You legally can't tell my body and it couldn't ever in the work the only let me add up and then I mean I. Know I'm I'm blogging and Alec. You're much exploit is important. And com. So do you want to insult what what's your solution to this change you wanted to take all those clothes that she's bite. Return them and buy something you want her in normal we Cheney's like you and I cover OK. Okay. And Steve was using normally are close to Steve is Blake excited didn't like Stuckey doesn't FaceBook come to say she should let you know like you. Nor normal like more more and more of what you call appropriate undress and that's a scandalous it closer. You want a full body actually over extra. They're glad they don't enemies like let's understand something that's closer to underwear not like lost. Okay and and and and Rachel would you will you even consider or are you just you're so hell bent I mean what we're from the years. James I. I don't know how to teach you because I just seeing what you're kind of a funny guy so I don't know if somebody sings you're saying are kind of like goofy funny or if you're being puritans and yes. I am absolutely experience I bring up or happy that we only two things visually item they got to compare these things to. Indonesia is. Aren't you proud of ritual for what she's accomplished with a bind to a news. We thought Elmo course bush handed it to immediately and light it is overkill looks like it's taking its. Eat a quiet. You're new you're you you you have to adjust. You've got people forget the so Rachel we're charged gonna smoking hot bod now the husband passed did you used to that specially when wife knew hot Bob white is going out employ what are different yeah yeah yeah yeah so no Jay I'm James hasn't had a chance to transition yet and did you used to that he's pushed her balancing was like is not it's all or nothing you're not sure what do you think anybody ever. I didn't say anything and I know old but it's going to look all our little little much and she's she's a hoax well thought out preferences. I found. Here's what we're gonna deal. We're gonna love it's Rachel's he's seeking new learn from tenure and I'm. No end the other couple debates factor into this for you Rachel I mean you are you we're gonna she's going to be wearing. I'm currently don't get that rest and am I certainly don't argue that my boyfriend I mean I'm sure. I'm sure my girlfriend gonna be something you know that they are going to change and you know work on her body Q and I really don't get the deal. Did you study 200 dollars bet she'll be wearing a one. A blow money on that loan okay. I just hang on guys we're gonna we're gonna choose homo where things I mean this is on where you that. I. It's I've got I like it when men admire my ladies and in the end I know you did yeah outside no problem with that. Also wanna be appropriate for the situation knows what I often deals on the go vacation somewhere is all go to their FaceBook page and look for other. Photos of people like it is a more Stanley friend there is or are you know I don't abuse your respects that they're not kids and stuff like that yet whoever your wife's. If you remind she's not respecting that in this case you just gotta kind of go it's her she can what were you you try to Wacom to you know. You have some dress codes. While. But if if she wants to do what's right hey she's only water stuff she's ready. She's already you know within with the new body end the whole thing confidence in Islam if you guys want to help this. How did this this is probably one of the stranger remained debates we've done. Should she be allowed back into place in Pakistan seeking here's my puritan clothes just tacky yes we sold an Aqua blue and that's that is the agreement yeah. What does she take it you decide puritan clothes or the stuff that she's got it looks like dental floss ritual whenever he got to ask you. Like could you. He's describing your swimwear is more that what would you Hispano assume. He's being totally irrational and ridiculous I mean you even angle on lion like quarter lead out of them or are aware Larry and Eric and then like that like either. Like I don't want you to read Greek secret leader in the door you either add beat each Larry that every single thing unruly little. I don't care where you got it rob live do a little bit like covering everything. How passionate. Arms and it was strippers or two and you don't did they're definitely a certificate as a crackpot team you get. Can you just get through that when Rachel if you end up winning this. And you get our units feel comfortable putting these things on knowing that she's judging noodles on. Lilly to get you know that I Eric or blue McKnight OK let's go get some notes and easier Jordan. All right guys. Aren't they came Rachel's side. I know that inch. I learn something like that I had would be so proud yeah and you know. Than sixteen years in the and I wanted to bikini I'm mad don't ever make about art if he can give me in my. So you're singing rock you while you got it. And I mean the only reason he would be upset about it it just means he's fat and ugly. James. I'm definitely not fat ugly I'm just you know someone who do believe little little modesty is not. Wanting everything you have and brought a whole world. There are elaborate it scream you know people in other woman did my clean I did it freak you aren't. Mean James would you consider rocket SP don't. In Oklahoma City. I have I don't know about that I mean I'm just saying no won't Woolsey this vote goes. I ask you feel that's true is she does is there margins yup. Is she wins by only two to one margin she got a few Iraqi speed I was cool arms you know silently about while. I do yourself company you're gonna win and as saying that we need to. I'm by speaking out well below FaceBook aren't they why Rachel posted to decide if she. Don't see Hillary deserves this timid James might what you people like Nelson watched tiger's. Porn sites for that. I didn't. Yeah I guy. I don't wanna I'd change this side and outs thank you donated. I grew old fashioned but I believe your body you can beat her one another but I'll do agree that it's. She doesn't yell Oakland you're gonna commit drop that song my friend. Saw he cardiac. Didn't come as no no game James had rocket song it's oh it'll be a big Indian agreement it. You are a lot of data are yard Mark O'Meara. So that's reliable and the other mode you're inside of play in that made not a politically may go ahead and give the Ito ordered the wrong whatever. Nice thank you can't do it Mann's. Well it's Wonder Woman so your. On your way let's take another one here heard Josh. Yeah all right guys they are but you're and that speed are moderates assassins. I'm aware. Herbert. Honestly man you eat you should be you should be thrilled that she donated this used to be proud. Let him cock if they're looking energy Bill Caldwell with you buddy yeah there is that we're playing. She were she was because James isn't security why does one couple or bumpers and always have to give into the other ones insecurities you deal doesn't already there it's not the right hey you know what isn't a given year insecure hodes hey wasn't. As you want anyway and you know basically I just I don't know where the Bora to the studio and OK okay now here I don't let Soledad. It runs your music series. Let's see one more here in the maltego. I yeah I nice. I'm nineteen Rachel I'm sorry I'm. Gary Gloria pulled student at oh yeah password. Again where. But you know what if she's not throwing her Rihanna anybody else and she is only long home you know. We can. Let me she worked very hard and that. Her confidence all the confidence seats we only are they close at. Sure crops sure. Or you're proud of her end. Let me and my guess what they're not normal onlooker you are. Do you think there are new bet. Of if she wins by a big enough margin he should rock if if I mean one person's gonna try to tell another person dressed is she. Can we know this that he Wear a Speedo down in the Bahamas luck. You think that's okay. No I don't think. This is a hole. In one and you'd really. Incidences that can't buy. Body if he wants to where does long bloomers that's totally upset him if you want to Wear a tiny little Speedo that's totally up in a mall spoke. I you know what her body is her body they you can contact on T eighties. Yeah I nice. So I am I mirnyi who I am at 18 Q. And that's why. I. Yeah. Hiker I think there really apparent somewhere keep coming umps aren't in it insecurity and jealousy and perhaps something you definitely need to work stay thirteen to speed should be carbon and how are you. You know I knew Anke in Europe aren't you going home antics and interacting pretend you were. Eight. Just to conservative. Wiki on track with a little bit mark where the speech it definitely competitive there and aren't in need it and kept tight while I think he should consider what is he trying to track fit tips you go in the latter. Are on you the marine unit. Do this does that all this they see signs sentinel. DT yeah I dated Rachel are now. Anywhere you know like around how triquint at Akamai. Complaint and knowing that whenever he would ever gotten to know even know that's a big deal only armed truck packed him. You are such as shutter bug I know you're gonna take pictures though are a little bit you're going to be everywhere and it's fine when did you and me at home goods that Caracas trying to and it's it's honestly it's not an insecurity thing for me I just. I don't believe in Maine rolling thing that people it's like a mom and I think everybody is well we don't see me beat flopping around out there. Yeah who yeah so you since he doesn't really era that I'm Christina. Hello guys who are there aren't doing good who are humans are. I am deadly dozen or Rachel. I'll. Yes how are our 8 o'clock I I have banned in several relationships. And and married twice tonight and with spending and that when they do it would be willing doing an am morning meal where whatever I was comfortable wearing each and then what daddy and that also would only comfortable with me wearing I Jeanne what are you wearing make up outside the house. So you know I am and they cancer survivor I've worked hard to get my body where it is after that the surgery by hatch. And you know light when I hate how the body I have I'm going to show it our. I bride worked toward that get you should Rachel aaron's app and Lilly a and Jane I I I hope that it. They you can understand that that she is competent she'd worked hard you should be proud of what she's she's wearing and when your make in the comment about Frederick's of Hollywood. On the they had stepped sat in Victoria secrets doesn't get this can be in my. Okay good for you thank you for the call Christine. Rebecca. Night. And definitely all children. Yeah. Bad yeah baby backs or you're out and I spoke like it's going under now he is he going. Other types so that. Or at all and they're going to be I'll. Worse the act act. Or are out there and I know I. So then just give then now rather than. Worry about yeah we're gonna win this is minority report we're gonna stop crime from happening in the future is donated. Why. The buttons are fighting an at bat I. Hit it. Playing elsewhere at all that great are more. Shocking and but they hired that they. Sounds nice product in Europe that thank you I'm this'll be the last though before we tell you what it looks like GG. I. Keep the rage now I am. I that he did a type diet can you be looking at her oxidant each patient and change in the open note and blue. Really it's. Thanks yeah yeah. Add a little annex like maybe you should go to vacation time someone else. Pool it's. And logo. And an. How can he GE. Guys CA's conflict. So Steve you you mentioned earlier Ross here that this was starting to look like a landslide though Vijay who's got a crush its all pro Rachel show offside law. And I was. A little closer on the phones on and and she is amber was 71 to 29 all in favor. Of string bikinis who. More about our reader hey. Regardless of where it's. From what I call yeah I know you've made light in total where's your news look to lose. I 29 Sony learn lessons and it meant yeah that's a large enough margin as a large enough margin you're gonna run to Speedo this. Hi I have I'm and announced ditto on up to my bet though I will do this being our racial every time someone makes a Snyder markers that anything about me you can explain it to them. I alone and allowed to lead our guys you it's gonna snap Bob. Is the pictures up on our side I'm pleased we already know world. And you as a human.