Slacker and Steve - Anyone Listening Who 7/14

Friday, July 14th

Time for another Anyone Listening Who! This week, Slacker thinks more of you have had to dumpster dive. Steve thinks more of you had your wedding robbed. And Lil D is going with summer camp catastrophes. Who do you have a story for? 


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Staying on at listening to here. It's time for each of us to take a different topic Yelp and decide who knows best now most weeks. Being the heat. I don't know empathetic. Master. Of content and I am both. IIE. I feel like I got it for the first time in a long time you confident that Euro in the senate I think little he's got this week all elites and not happy about it I'll feel like she's got a thing. I mean I try to need to I've been trying some different tactics where I've really root for somebody else. And it hurts my soul but this week and even root for little B I just feel like you picked a good topic but he did trigger good topic so what do you start us off little. My anyone listening who is summer camp catastrophe out there it is yeah you just went to summer campaign aides something just went horribly wrong or something Kris not. There and you got to choose first this week right because that's a good time yeah it's not every ball Brendan and I yeah so what do you have something you're basing so there was a story about the guy who's just like to camp counselor that was in the mounds outside Boulder, Colorado and ninety day. When he was sleeping and a bear weight came up bear came up and grabbed him by the head and tried to drag them out a T oh that's yeah assets and they killed there yeah. No they just found DNA on the bear. Once what are illiterate I just heard that story today. They sat that now they know they have the right there. 'cause they found human yeah and he he not know before and like TV there's really got their irritation don't like he was guilty. Literally they capture buried in the area and they brought the kids to look at it YZ somewhere I put her best story I might. And I'd sooner racist blacks don't yell lookalike. Classic did you describe here. My. Closet in the our lives that they had the dude why aren't the IV literally go do you think does a better they showed a picture I don't think they like to have the church and the signs are different areas like the fifth. I for the company it was just like they showed did you suggest a bare bearing your turn to the right we're. I wouldn't. But day went that they used and as a bear any sound I human DNA under his law so they did get to write all this summer KM yeah and then there was another story to. I it was in Montana there was a group of the whole camp was on the big deck outside the lodge I guess and while they are out there the deck collapse. She and he had twenty people ended up getting hurt and as some numerous serious but. Most and to set to be taken to hospital checked out their OK but yet when he did you on the deck and it just. This is sets keyed up for a fossil. All right so you want to go you wanna go fonts up to human. When she got all right anyone listening to. Had some sort of guy named rob richer wedding or yellow. You don't. Rob venture wedding or your recession or you leave them something has to do with you so the stolen incher well you have any basis Jeff you've stolen from people's weddings where is this even common front there's a couple in Florida it is tied the knot and stuff they were outside in their first sunset together was slowly went to the reception and get sick you there's been a weddings and stuff you people put the car urgency to bring cards bucks on a box I had a wishing well. Only difference in a plastic which you know is like you would Ding my dad don't. All of those shakes from the roof was like but the good example yards in their who's drunk and had likes of that. At least that they put around flowers what's at least cup match that stuff that makes a breeze brought. No big he's brown business saying all of them to plant the flowers put it that night actually and stuff that's a whole. That's called wax paper with who you're talking about the mentally lazy style forum that. It's like taffeta. Just keep talking. It's everyone's. Your toy importer distributor and thank you I know. It's not happening what you make like address clean zoom back out of my. I'm courage seeing in the studio jobs is you are not watching us. So somebody stole all the cards and stuff in so they realized. The bride was what you'll what there was like and I. I saw a stranger organ on wanna gesture earlier turns out some lady should shown up. So that she was looking at the venue may be having her wedding there eventually I she's going to bunch so she stole and then she got her picture taken with some of the guessing issues on the video and stuff and so they're trying to track her down which he's been known she's done this before to take a side hustle soul stealer but what really you're going to be very high right now right trying to catch this woman yup and never anyone listening Hussain ya buddy recorded by the mine apparently had his wedding -- it was during the winter and it was like malicious storm in the limo drivers waiting outside the church wherever you dislike the car warmup or he will wait and incite jerked. And apparently some came along and so. Dole and low. Mood. That's that's just he's got his dilemma so it's it's rock and don't yell or suction. Just anywhere within close object just get my does anyone listening to who had this. To go dumpster that you had to you now I I I know there's a lot of you out their course frugal know which dumpsters jump to those dumpsters behind IKEA or Burger King to get some. This is when you how do go me I want to stories just like Nicholas Shea had legs NASA. On his Weis. Mosser wedding ring and he had to jump into the draw. Hello trash a ton of stories of wedding rings a lot of them are going to be wedding rings it's that's one of those things you have to go after who recently. I'm we have dear friends who moved the way to California. And my Stanley went out to a meal. Com where the kids got the menus or whatever that color stuff in school my son's not into it anymore so my daughter colored balls of their man. One for each of her best friends who are moving to California alone and my Weis being the complete non ordered that she is looked like vacation wanna save these. So are almost in the trash I respect that to console my daughter's like. This picture should be. I'll always so I had to go into my dumb starter. And signs like I would my dumpster after we had a couple get togethers would like. Free robes and stuff where exhume him vomit. I mean there was not a senior aren't good too so I knew Benjamin was in the fortunate enough to crawl through and you know call because that's all my cycles. There was just the old 100 suit fail. Let me add my brain though wasn't a wedding ring and what's it like I mean box it was pieces of paper from a Mexican restaurant and my daughter had colored it. And when I got. They were actually. They want soiled so I was able no way I was able to save the day we did you do you did you had to go in there I choose they smelled of death when she handed a modest bump itself. I got one for that you really sat I I went on spring break to South Padre Island one year in my ability. Had just gotten a retainer before we went. Went so what do murder. And he left it on his train don't betray into the trash and like an hour later he was going through his pockets and he's like where's my retainer. So we had to go back to what are Burris or Al story. Spring break South Padre Island you know and trap on Enron you dad I know what I don't match or. Yeah that's right everybody takes all the stuff they don't want to throw in their hotel room trash to water burner throw it away anyways so you're doing this horrible rain coat. And going through spears looking for his spirit. Taylor and up the first bag has like sorry drew it's on you meant I don't know if you cut out our totally fine he did. Especially on how words in his mouth OK okay yeah all right there's one over so let's go through all three here topics again anyone listening who has this summer camp catastrophe anywhere in the city who got you know rob been to weddings stolen within the vicinity of summing getting. Mary you don't shoot shoot almost boiled down to everybody now and you listen you has. To go dumpster diving pick one of these tell us your stories jabs. I don't know why anyone listening new steaming you want. I'm on these tea in. England and I. I'm my mark mentioned and detonated a church in years ago spent a total holding the other -- cricket my grandmother Russia can actually passed away they're trying to get the source storage and the could have turned higher bartender and all that so they've got a bunch of alcohol steps are letting their veteran each actually stole all the Al callable sort of wedding and all of their carts. Streaming or sort of alcohol. Let's get that best friend. You'll. A guy yeah no wedding get a booze or money that's the oil has all the cards as a in the current somebody doesn't bring against they're bringing there's cash you know. Don't know where there's just cars cargo card yeah here I mean and you pay if you ever see Steve dropped my car up grab that insists he is a very very generous now I take care both of breast. Or do this arm so that's clearly not their friend anymore. No serious art. Not after that there was not. Wow. That's deep. That's terrible I think you've really gone just two points for Steve there Cassidy. Yeah I anyone listening to who steamy ones. I beat up. I don't ever did you regret what I. Am I an entrepreneur and lower. And the amateur acts and I'd like two hours later. What are trust you or your son is kind of cut Nina now what got there in the trash. And I know. And win these. Arabs. Are. Asked their guns. Dial it up colonel and aren't played Aaron Aaron back sweep and the anger that aren't like you're pretty happy. The belt back. Tissue election tensions and that the umpire Bob. The. At some point she beat yeah I somebody in the authorities are gonna do a dumpster diving for her body because the this my songs yeah we shoot. My phone no go to your drive did this happen but that's another couple of Montreal is when he's now a premium hungry we'll Amin so you can't be friends of that girl anymore but keeps getting drunk and there's a soil resonates. Are you for the contest and he. Jan. Yes yes I'm annual isn't you know. So I have a summer camp Chad it's. On the floor now Tom what happens. So do we got to ram it was like twelve Kitna needs their eleven to fifteen and basically. There was a truck that ran off the interstate like we hazardous chemical spell. They shut down the interstate it and we were there we had no food we had no water. By the I have. Or was here is don't let. Cody is why yes I believe the employees were dead boys girls are maxed. O almighty god it's another always make it's. So like. Curry Howard then and like everybody is complaining that to go to the bathroom now there's nowhere to go there's like no Sri no bush like we. Through the girls and as you know his. All are in Europe OK and it's nobody's fault it's the chancellor and only appearance can't sue you're in groceries now. You have to get we got back Blake to three hours late and parents were blown up our phones like you go on time when he got back from. It was horrible. Actually it is honored to Oslo yeah that's why Italy summer camp library and Utica college and birdies on Thai won a yes. Anyone listening new steamy one. I am I'm going to be eighteen actually you are what what happened. Can you tell my mom and getting carried and all of those moms getting married this summer camp. At the Steve pointed out for me to. Pricing your mom's getting married but Athens. I've heard all forget and writing cards or heard of Greg forget. And I'm gonna bring out her maid of honor had stolen and all of cart cars. A maid of honor how they catch your video over these sorry yeah entered. How they aren't you act many can't get time and they weren't they are friends than they are like in diapers and my mom didn't turn the heat a little Blake. Like two months adult and yet come as a matter about the friend stole all of her. She met personally know how are you sure. Like I'm I'm gonna be friends somebody beats president for 25 years hey in hopes of eventually stealing money at their wedding WiMax what was her motives. I had no idea of you know I mean here you gotta imagine that being a Reagan candidate on the outside is terrible thing Z we've. Thank you for the call next. Yeah I is anyone listening you seem anyone. I went dumpster and well it wasn't a normal credit card or black art movement is now. And angst yeah but fortunately it didn't beat Dayton realized that it was gone until after the trash have been taken mountain. So. It's on you is he's a guy with a black card so he's not going through us and keep it it yeah exactly you're going through you would do all the jays trash to find that guys call word. We started a long. Lot of trash salute salute trash. Well I mean it's all mixed in Warren area you've got near you with some big gloves on and cheek you get dirty. Placard. Visual instead she wine still haven't the next day you know 00. Typical the president of the company will bring you another card do you your car that passes in the cardinals holding their rulers dig route through everyone all the speaker cover yeah he's the pestilence odd dude you know that's. What did tip you're at the end runny. Now are now mixed his fallen here I didn't have you for the call next good. Storm. Yeah yeah I anyone listening here who. Irene which speed I don't think. Who sees a leading candidate. What what happened. There at my best friend's wedding and South Africa. Without you know having just you bottle on the any. And property wedding cakes Selanne. And so. Are we actually don't know we never found out. Lawrence who took have to K can yup that's birdie why I guess we'll have some turnarounds that I its hybrid cutting permits. Kurt it's the top and results for its outlook but but yeah so I do god. OK okay how they divided the. Early it would mentioned it right or not I mean they had to edit yeah. Let's get to see what I think what they're letting it is sold. Mad dashes of time to match a little bit each other's faces and I'm glad you heard that champagne I didn't you bottles and followed what is Ottawa's. Oleg God's dollars to. When I mean I know you know Lisa wedding hilarious he's got a good story like oh man that's whose weird that is amazing no thank you gonna call storm no. All around. Sam's. Yeah I yeah I anyone listening to. So I hadn't actually done your title got similar. And I are tied these WiMax area and that place that you can't come back from Cisco would you consider a war. I have to get from my job I work threats food ingredient companies. And sell all have to order food from the restaurant. Go pick up the food and then go big and they're dumpster to find out what products they're using in my Miller made. Wall how are you know that was a joke. It's the rat who likes who first blew through late serves real. Jobs are they looking for a swords for the secret sauce. Singing America. I thought so do you know what you're doing you mean like you know what you're looking for you look at for light and deep have to reach a containers or what do you look at for. I. Think it's bad you could tell elsewhere sluggers it. This is this you know the vicinity yup that's the key point wow that's so weird but you have to poster nine is part of community yeah David McCullough. C yes we're tied three to. I don't even wanna go to the next song oh what we see well look I totally or I don't presume it's totally cool yeah I. I don't pick the calls it the guys are yards here boy eight year old if you hit the I. Anyone listening new whose team are you on did you Robin well it's not just say so before. Now all I want dumpster diving. What happened. I used to be manager safe way and I had like seed in the mine and and I threw the RLU. And meet looks to stay why don't you quit the but are rich got declined into you because the cheap or not only to my car to the score. He couldn't close you couldn't just save you couldn't do anything right away you're going into the grocery store garbage should the. Exactly and that could be weighty far compost was cool so it went like every minute ever goes into a car for the crowd that he Q do you. Oh well luckily for me I mean I was hoping that they were right there about I admit action you know how to actually get a flashlight converged in her. We entertain I doubt when you drop your keys or your wedding ring we need a giant magna rebuild or were mixed and do not want any of the mocked so. Just feel like it's just pull a metal and it's I guess you might get a spoon and smother crap like they're clearing that so there's my T like done. They even call April. I don't yeah I. Even that was a good that was a good memories from high. But I didn't want to interview that was there is an autism goodness knows I will if you still wanna tell your stories for any of the topics we take a mover on the soccer in Steve FaceBook page.