Denver cat compay cat wine bar. 6/14

Tuesday, June 14th

We want to know more about the Cat-Bar… the Denver cat company is a coffee house where you can go hang out with rescued cats and sip hot drinks.. Now they want to open a Cat Wine Bar!  


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Vijay and Jamie Jamie. I guess PG put your chair just. Little closer here so when I watch this video together I thought that cat company and this card anyway we celebre when. Of the cats company yeah which is starting the first. America's first tipped wine bar right here in Denver. I mean here he watched his two young group here it's just a few seconds. That's the tech companies agreed editions of the Brandon just having the ability common symptoms and yeah I haven't I don't personally interests. Are. These animals and he had. Where it's. Coming your problems. At all. What do you think when they. I think the music too little too loudly than I barely know I'm just saying it I mean here's the concept that guess it can't come to. I can he be a little background on this guy that can't company here in Colorado started about eighteen months ago. And that's where you go you just played with cancer have been rescued so hoping you'll adopted tea right you play without. EA is pat cash to play with a cat Seattle toys that you throw around the cats take swipes at him and tissue from a key product with a case of gang of now the concept is this or tried to raise the money to turn an establishment of the can't company into that cats why mark. In the hole ID business that you go in there had a little. Siblings and lying right. And you play with a cats and what better way to fall in love with a captain to be drunk. It's and the camera work either on the camera NASA's next level. The cap block out the reason this has my interest 'cause I'm not a huge cat guy. But I love it too when something like is America's first. And it starts right here in Denver I feel like we're cutting it. It's whining and felines. Why didn't Eli now they're trying to raise money to actually open this up because he's not open yet writes when I say yeah yeah. And an open I don't know the rookie Britain it's like investors I think that's why I kind of wanted to talk to them. Because you have a few people right now to her like 6007000. Dollars but it need not what 6702. Dollars exactly the goal is sixty during. Root the end of that went 60000 dollars to start up there their pet so. I wonder if you throw in cash sheet you're an investor in the project or you're just giving a donation. Aaron questions here in charts charts looking into getting to get people on the air which I'm sure they're not high demand right. Alia they are I'm sure I've reached out to them multiple times by phone and email and and I've got nothing back from them and I do health day. Are not open today. Not today day open at 10 AM Tuesday through Thursday they opened at 10 AM seeking to have some coffee. Little treats and Helen Barnes but the white barn they haven't opened yet they're still waiting for fund. Should ever catch somebody started eighteen months ago with a isn't. To be is safe haven for cats in search of their legal and it plays for the human endeavor could enjoy a much needed in time. And then you can adopt. As well have to get drunk a little confused on something Sean ya if you cats in there that stay there all the time. What is don't you open. It's got to go there and Debra they had different hours for each case note to all their guys is their only meal until six in his weakened they'll eater yeah I would say you have to open every day other open every game that day. Different other closed Monday by years. My dad. Here's my only concern Soka. Jamie I'm Denise you isn't it okay. That's not gonna pay you and good life. Used to have to. But it's ought look look I'm being honest with you were up front MI not wed you've taken a dollar to back. But can't you remember color and you do right for him click OK I had her are wrong to I've just say messrs. Clifford OK we'll show with a member of Clifford. What's certain is my favorite cat he was Himalayan and I'm not bad Kubrick I even had clip on my support you're a member. And yeah yeah yeah I you know art and I have ever want to router look. Yeah. Look look I'm not questioning you were love for my first Arnold and I like dogs but. I was bearded dragons I do question. What do. I do question. You or solemn commitment. To dogs bit especially after bode well yeah mechanical problem there yet but after buffalo critic but cats. I know you loved. First up until what day he was mauled by that coyote and I know I'm kind million loved. No doubt that what I'd say it isn't like thirteen years they aren't soaring. I have two cats you don't know where our. Each candidate to house somewhere Italy museum no I don't but that's the way they are though it's not unique and I'm all over the house I Clifford so much that when they act he is. You know against what was that all. I castration spader yelling they they neutered Clifford. His testicles when on a world tour. And I'm in them work. As they made bar appearances when I lived in LA clippers testicles went on a world tour they had meant formaldehyde. And he would announcing closures are clobbered after a pretty weird that I know it wasn't you know it was snowing and really what it is. To go to a bar to see cats testicles is where I'm sorry barring Canada and can be. Let's get it. I don't know it's like death adding I don't know it's that that's exactly what you're gonna be talking at once you get to wind Barkley should have too much wind that you're going to be seeing get a pat yeah get a bet back here's my biggest concern OK if I can get the different. Here's my biggest concern. Would have that disease where he was here at all yeah on the second England decided yeah I just think that. People. That doesn't work you will go to this wild card. Who do you settle down just stay and who says Kenneth. I'm afraid people are gonna go to this bar get flickered up get a cat. Get home. Sober up. In the I've won a detailed and there are shareholder can outlast a wide god you know that's what I'm afraid I don't take a capsule you Canada UK and adoptive. It's a rescue clubs they rescue the chance hoping the fire and the cats although John. I thought right out of the cafe and says actually yeah safety comes first. Kitty safety honest with versioning and and this not me crazy college Favre and laid back wine bar. With Greg craft Beers well the capsule have constant supervision by staff and we will exercise discretion. When letting people into the cat lounge the that there are plenty of places for rowdy night and notes the Denver Kat bar. We'll have a chill out this actually allows donors didn't I he joked atmosphere designed for socializing with cats and people feel like to catch of an arms and catnip and I'm gonna have marijuana. I don't know if the marijuana in the wind and all this stuff is a good combination in the adoption process before you know what you're going to be can't pat. You know how funny is it's not forget it's not. It says we know that allowed mile cafe and we need to. That's led the cafe is going to stay put too right where it is so don't worry if you'd like to go to they. Cafe where they pet cats and drink coffee it's still available. Enough movement. But this will be a news second location where you can interact with cats when they're at their most active in the evening. A more social environments for you for the cats and a more self sustaining model that can. Are meant they original Denver can't company capping. The experts say it. Let's get a sure let's deal. In 6000 dollars that's a long way from sixty house. Then they're gonna get there. Open displays of listening to you can get an exquisite Denver Kat bar shot glass. Revisit today at tennis and location of the cat cafe for you and a friend. And when can visit our new location once were open and enjoy a beverage and food order wine bar or Africa. And the kiddies way. I didn't think he did sell food if you like a cat the two selling and I think you're just giving you an appetizer to just in passing with a tray of crackers and cheese. If you're not correct he goes through your why he drank. So I I think I don't think damn elect a full steel kitchen that I can get efficient chips like god for help. Lady I would say efficient chips is a problematic kept place listen house laying up because I have different kinds of pledges. I don't see police Jack. Ten dollars a case for a new ten dollar plus 75 dollars or more you get a cat yoga class into the two passes to a cat yoga class and our new location. Imitate Pepsi get a cat a cat yoga class. For 75 dollars I get yoga classes as the total currency. And then I get a T shirt and a. And then for eighty dollars you get the men in the I'm I played line name yet most valuable bottle of of some kind of wine is called you know me out it's a limited edition. Overnight violence. Ninety dollars you get me now most. Put the F. And the down most of register looking into the 75. I'll do the yelled the downward thing and I'll do that you know Alan Lindo and that he just don't think it's a doubting that there were GD thing Tom. I would do that and a teacher okay. What's what's the video was. You're still. Scoop under the during the run with the download cash. The ability to common symptoms and yeah. Her liver was on growing. It is animals happy and it's like it where it's. Coming here. Could watch this video link and when he. You ready. Ready. If it. A slumber. With a camps. Taught. Run been. Going nuts. Yeah yeah. What's what you screwed over here. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah oh yeah she's. The company has agreed editions of the Hannity and just having the ability to come and sit down and yeah. Or little hours it's. Yeah. Ice is animal therapy that I hadn't were it. Maybe you pump. In the immortal John Ellis nice nice.