BJ & Jamie: Where is Sasha Obama studying for a test. 1/11

Wednesday, January 11th

Last night was President Obama’s final speech and he had a huge gathering in Chicago. The whole family was there except the youngest daughter Sasha… Where was Sasha Obama? We are being told that she had a test in school this morning and she had to stay home to study for it.     


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BJ and Jamie. Malia and Sasha. Under the strain has circumstance. You had become too amazing young women who are smaller and beautiful but more importantly you are kinda looked thoughtful and you are full of full. The burden. Here are the spotlight. So always aware of all that I got in my life I'm most proud of the order does that bring cried. Freddie some and maybe it was Michelle it was all about Michelle I was about machine got a little handkerchief many here and then she Emily you ascribe to the feeling was that part was sweet moment plumbing that part really was sweet did you tell that there are tight family H. He except I think really that tied in the family we have somewhat of conspiracy theory going this morning because there's something wrong with the story. Yes they are they're all weeping about their love for each other this amazing is tight knit family. Thing you have held the fashion shun you find out. She's like eighteen right. Eighteen. Leave I am certainly not I know. Been busy he's so this and really they should certainly teach is when I left college. You remember all the bong ranks yeah yeah. Yes so yeah anyway so. We'll see as size is fifteen. The birthdays 20012001. Minister was born in 2001. Who. End. Up either way she's got a test today that that's according to that. Aren't. So here's your pink Sasha was missing. It's your dad's farewell speech it's the biggest night of his life ending his. Biggest career and his entire life and you weren't just the first daughter Tina writes absolutely I mean this is a poignant moment in American history. And you miss. Yet it doesn't make sense because. He's the president the United States he's going out you fly back to your hometown of Chicago where it all started having everything about this was just I can't run you menace of mental mental and in the way that it was being handled because the commitment president wanted to go out from weary team in in Chicago if that's the stage was set here racing is big farewell in your excuses. You've got to test. At school so you can't admit you can write a note well. It's such a big moment in American history you should get credit for just being there and bid on say each get its feet apart. The winner and that's what so last night and I had mice and watch it with because the palace confirmed to watch you know and so I wish I was Germany's anathema. The daughter needs like. Mama now I'm like spring wears his other daughter this doesn't make sure why wouldn't your other daughter be there now and so then after Google and like where's she where's what came hash tag. It became like because I was the only person thing that you're singing it I'm listening and I guess it came up they say everybody is looking for. Read in context NATO you you're kind of attacking us you're saying hey look she's the child Lee Romo. He. There are no word that you trump war of words give Obama his did penny second it's gonna do is Jamie and I. This is something that's trending down early talk about stuff that goes trending. People are asking the question really won't Wear what she. Because he doesn't make sense at this moment especially that it makes it even more suspicious of she's still the high school. You have because if you're all college get out that on yeah you all know that eating you out of high school. I got flash it was an older women she's actually the youngest one and it's even more suspicious I feel like she had a fan. It she's fifteen. Then like her hair or is she didn't like address and McDowell floor or stumble at Raleigh and she did say and she slammed the door in the White House and she's not going to look at. The picture returns. I'll make since we're not did greeting the president we're not a great. Way out last night here I'm just telling you you're over thinking this guy. In this girl is not. But they are dead daughter that's fifteen year old daughter's not their for the farewell in the excuses she has a test at school the next day it doesn't add up in the world to ask I. I remember when my sister was fifteen years old. In Hebrew and Chris Smith. You get her she did his fifteen proof that she broke up with a boyfriend and to reflect and she refused to have Christmas with us and she and prince and she's in are roaming entire Christmas morning went about anything. Maybe that's it made it Lester back to what else on purpose yeah she was sort of sit it's like that we don't need you on this trip down the EU are out of control young lady. You're unpredictable who knows what you're gonna do go into reaching step on stage when I'm crying I don't need that. So you're gonna say hall yeah underground a punishment. The minute fifteen year old girl which you two haven't. If your parents your own ear and a final. I've had that happen but if you're Harris drop agree that that's an outfit that wherever you are going to you know even being in the the big picture of how amazing this. It is for your father yeah you're only thinking of yourself and oh my god I'm so not knowing my Harris David. Tens. Who's sorry you have to admit it's bizarre when you lay it all out that your dad is on this big stage last night the world is watching you -- big. Steep swan song that they you're out here you know you sort zones over you're done you're you're going onto a new chapter in your life in your daughter who's fifteen is missing because she has a test the next day of school that that is a little bizarre yeah some people are really meet some people like. She's pregnant club well. Well let's just stick with you through a thing yeah. There's not dead I. Tiger haters are so crazy people are already. Different and everybody has thrown period I don't know but she's pregnant or source. Each in each week day mornings on Alex I.