BJ & Jamie: Was it sex or just a lap dance on a plane? 6/14

Wednesday, June 14th

There is a video of a man and women doing some dirty things on a plane the video looks like they two are having sex but the woman claims she was only giving him a lap dance.. They were on a really long flight and they got drunk and one thing turned to another and boom there is a video of the two of them being dirty. The attendants did nothing and now both of the people are in hiding and are humiliated.


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The PGA and Jamie. I think this particular story six outs of the because we're all headed to the airport. And an indication he. It that flight ahead of us in the in this pops. I thought about you and me. A woman is tapes. Having relations on a plane. She says it was a lap dance. But he's a complete strange to hurt but clearly when you look at video she's sitting in his lap. Facing him. Yeah that's the so they actually had relations I. I I didn't watch the video I just so I'll the picture and she's glad it happened stuff 'cause I knew we were gonna talk about it on the show I think I watched the video Olbermann brought to kick it. Yeah they I've probably seen 800. Times what do you think. I don't still don't know I'm gonna have to watch more with okay. I can't think she's 39. He's 31. Kids. Me how this works out how does this. Happen. You got to lose strangers. That are drinking out while drinking problem explained to. But it turns into a lap dance or relations what every one go with but she's sitting in his lap facing him with the other passengers around them. And somebody would've followed the videotapes her. It meanders. Gyrate so it was on Ryan air that first and also a lot. But first and then check at the person next to those three seats across. Asked me move they they moved another person is of the and they have just two seats by themselves. But they mated to one C and I guess a flight attendants didn't do anything they didn't say anything they didn't they just let him don't do it and they just to Matt. Sitting there on the flight to beliefs. So somebody videotapes it and maybe you're just. Made it okay so you and I can't figure it out because I caddie just but they obviously and a long flight to maybe it was three hours into it and a lot of drinks into. Maybe maybe it doesn't really say where ever one of Hawaii yeah. That they were just going to denied that friends aren't airplanes after a long flight I mean tournaments on. Yeah what's the difference in the story he's met people to have talked to people I've actually you know says angels her car. Contact your weapon but I've never had him sit in my lap now basically and gyrating on me in fact that I first met and couldn't. Carrier on a plane mask and that that flying from LA to color idea that doesn't that. Are so I digress according to family and friends the man. Since has gone into hiding since this video has hit the Internet. Turns out that he left his heavily pregnant fiance at a home he was on his way to a bachelor party. Ole boys and ball boy in Cheatham pregnant last you've got to figure the heavily pregnant woman beyoncé and they have a heavily sort of this can they say it is like this stuff heavenly it's heavily legitimate and we have some to believe it does does he added but I think he'd just been she's really. I would mention looks so conservative Jack legged conservative look George of the cup of coffee they say she's a mom at 31. Streisand says her name is lap but gyrate none of fun. It but what led her name is Tracy she's a mother three is Jimmie just said she told friends that we did not apt sex. I only gave him a lap that's everybody back off the this is gone viral this picture of her and now. Destroying her life lord David is this supposed to make things better that you're sitting in his lap facing giving you giving him whole life. Lap dance by gyrating got David everybody's supposed to back off she said she's completely drunk out of our mind. And some now that this pictures come out and Jimmy posted the video she's mortified she's gone into hiding she's gonna lose her job. In her kids are mortified I mean. The can destroy it and it makes you like it did the card fashions or it didn't didn't. And destroy your life you know this is a lot like that whole bachelor in paradise thing. That's that's what this is alive and can only this is on a plane dealer was an important. That their filming this that are up very well but those people agreed to be on a reality show this is just some woman that was innocently. Videotape she didn't have anything do it it's underground suited them she not innocently then you've got to figure I mean come watch you you're. CNN tonight just when you're likely needed to know your been taped it. It would take you complete idiots. To go see somebody's lap on an airplane gyrating on and not think that somebody is videotaping. Our shabbily treated absolutely if she said she didn't now she's an Annie and I guess she's now the season and now. Way and she's really drawn to the edges and she didn't notice I've videotapes and they really drunk and an airport. Yes remember intelligent lady she was at that at that. At the bar and she was so wasted and it was pretty funny but here. So I took that phone or didn't like Alice I was seen or typing stuff. But I really Padilla didn't drop. Yeah because I thought I was go viral and I thought wow this is really mean this is really drunk I wouldn't want that done to me so I deleted the he appeared in person. That's nothing that I'm. You gotta figure and took a. Somebody's taking it all times you're out in public you're acting like a real butthead yeah somebody's taking. Years conservatives guards the cameras a row. How does not even Mexico you guys so you don't have yet that don't forget its worldwide this is what. In the island seeing pictures that change is boobs. Really. You just try to keep that off the now I don't Dodd put everything about it. What an everyday you know what what happens is secrets stays secret CIA doesn't influence a critical look at. I'm not I. Because somebody will be watching. Her only scratching. Each inch and more on Alex. I.