BJ & Jamie: The Things you learn when you travel. 6/14

Wednesday, June 14th

Sean has never traveled before and is learning all kinds of new things.. Did you know you have to reserve a seat on a plane? And you even have to pay to take bags.


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Vijay and Jeannie and Alice 059 DJ and Jamie morning show. Up. Did you see this very you see this text about the toilet paper. What about the two of the paperwork wasn't wrong about the Mexico told toilet paper the they don't have any Jamie gave Shaw analysts this morning. Earlier about an hour ago of possibly preps he needs to do tune in order to go and it's a little vacation down in Mexico. And I threw in there that toilet paper is eighteen greedy you gotta you gotta pack some toilet paper and we got to text somebody said that they're husband. Needed toilet paper. And that if you get off the resort short picture only allowed three pieces 33. Players updates its depending undersized but we might get 458 at. That's what I thought that I thought that's the. But it does it depend on your condition right. That is yet to Molly getter rye if they don't care that is the end there they don't care yes so I wasn't kidding Jong I Soledad attacks. If I did see it. Well as you said other people set do you toilet pick I know I was an only imagine what does suit isn't it like how does accept it and. Did your freaking out so much yeah out. I think they brought even like a park so a lot like winter we're so Shaw whose son never really traveled before. He came in this morning Jamie this is just prior to you getting here yes and he just. The hand we blew it comes to Ottawa happened to put it to let me know John maybe can help you out. This he goes. I didn't realize you have to reserve a seat on an airplane and a NIC at will what what do you mean he goes I thought every airline was like southwest where it's a cattle call you show up you get lied you get a seat in boom boom bump. Now he's being charged because we've waited so law. I got JRB chart for the receipts which they get the papal are and now that they're gonna have to pay. And he tells me that there and you're not allowed to pay online you can only thing that the F. Who agree. Hi this that you have. Some good about B. 'cause we wait hitters like 24 hours between slight time that we needed and checked in. And upon checked gains seats will be decided that plywood the FAA. I'm not exactly sure I. I think you only have to pay if you guys wanna sit together because it a B premium seating archive leg rooms eating okay sometimes people switch around and that's what I thought. You know I we do here it is still praise other sports lately like man thrown from playing for trying to change seats yeah I would just try and be nice and so we didn't. And tell them like it's. You know it's the first time we've ever been our country with Laker honey two men. Don't pass outs in the in the bathroom on the airplane either oaks CETC yeah. Down the aisle don't. It's all yeah she's unbelievable. It's optional as is the don't know go to the restroom would pass out of there will uphold the lock button and I also don't pleasure to it why is setting on an airplane airplane air sectarian turns out I've heard now that yeah it creates a real yes you go flying out the back of the year play a pop. I know just your intestines and eyes well. There and those elements that not all it's hard. These traps sound hard to Chad yeah interest the I feel like shot in general never travel again like they think it's too much work no we just we just want to learn all the tree he has and he's I. Anxiety in the crossing off it and making nose like that next time we go will noted dudes is it rat anxious it's all in the middle and. It's scary to go travel we need having money. Yeah it is kind of scared yeah that's the part that scares me for you the idea is. There's extra fees here in mine and about like your bags cost money yeah yeah we know about that we have not budgeted. Do you have because I know you have a bank account do you. Dean who are checking account do you have for. So what we've got is that he said the card you know enemy we've got a visa card elected to take the out of a prepaid card yeah it. Only only on it what to put on it kind of thing so we get paid the day before you leave on the fifteenth and come and ago. Go to the banking get a bunch of money out and goats who'd gone that card. So now that's got a. Bill Clinton that. You get like at Walgreens or something. Yet the athletes. It's an actual Wal-Mart. Comp are paired with but it's got seeing his name on an. Accident except those. While a visa to be at T hotel when you get into who currently accept a prepaid. It probably have their name on it as an actress funds available. From what looks like dare look at what they do look how much I'm. What we're thinking we put like 250 on them. Not only that not a monster genre I write I'm going to be right there in the neighborhood the only PD on did you call me if you need me I mean I'm not gonna help you out but they call. You talked to you while you cry on the flight I'm not back it up your support and holiday there is no. Alex is fit to do you think 250 is enough. For to a man in the not a shot is all right well. How are the splurge. This have to remember I'm just. It at all. Going on down arrows bring your burrito or something mechanically to reflect on get a few weeks into the immortal. I.