BJ & Jamie: Tabloid Trash 730- Vegetarians lose more weight, Warriors White House visit and Cosby Jury still out. 6/14

Wednesday, June 14th

Vegetarians lose more weight than meat eaters – Kylee Jenner made Forbes list at 19 she is youngest on list made 41 million last year – Yahoo is going away but that’s ok the CEO is leaving with 23 million in cash! Kevin Durant gave a shout out to Rhianna – Rumor that the Golden State Warriors snubs invitation to white house is not true they were never invited – Cosby still waiting on jury – DeMario Jackson from the Bachelor in Paradise won’t talk about the sex that happened – Jamie Foxx says that Ed Sheeran slept on his couch for months before he was a star – and Demi Moore says stress caused her to grind her front teeth off.. we say meth not stress.  


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Vijay and Jamie. He can be Wednesday everybody is the fourteenth that yeah not ready I know icing already on climate just barely pledges of took. Crazy. I have are key to success I have I have only got I'm happy to find the success yet you know how we we're not. The fitness world yet we're kind of jobs. But condi yes I am where we act we are taught me the same way I'll say hi I am well until and we are. Where the Chevy morning shows in the name of harassment she immigration Tug to judge in the morning from anyway. Listen. We don't have to be apart of the fitness world I have a new study puts an illusion of it. A new study has found that I hitters who follow it completely vegetarian. Eating plan. Lose twice as much weight as mediators who decide to cut calories and worked out well. Kim do it sorry. The beat that beat beat the so are here are made no. Decision on coming don't. I can't teenagers can't do the experience thing researchers found that getting 500 today and adapting a play based diet root out result. Led to an average loss of over at. Thirteen. Pounds and six months compared to last about seven pounds and meat eaters. The researchers believe this maybe due to vegetarian diet changing our buys fat storage and sensitivity to insulin. But Jerry died also can get people more energy which may encourage him to stick to their eating planes. Look I've Yo-Yo dole my life. Lost a little weight gain. Lose a little weight gain a lot of way okay I've been back and forth all my life but I've really set down and analyze this and thought that. And I'd rather be 20/20 five pounds overweight. But be happy. If you wanna warm. The good food they're miserable. Canada have you ever had that broccoli and cheddar cheese. From what said the green giant guy yet steeper at the microwave. Cheddar cheese and broccoli down have you ever add that there's certain things you can far as I appears sodium Evan I just believe. So I just believe overall. That people that are strictly indicting I mean a strict diet. Don't think there. I think they're miserable well I I agree that those kids littered like via. But I did that ever worry about being cut to every day they're vegetarians and lucky glitz and they have never talked about that. It's tennis and that's a nice the about the student yeah. Isn't there I just talked about even still it debt that jolly green Jai add cheddar and broccoli all my god. Yes I had a ball off or minutes it's August so again it. Lot of preservatives and sure who who cares users and talk Indians Utley of the weekend. Neatly Chia I still she's evidence still I would be happy if I didn't have meat I gotta have meat that I. Not done here gotta have. It doesn't. Often just don't. She easy task macaroni and he shouldn't. Thanking. And it. I I'll let you would have to have you let your. All wrapped. Here we go again there is I wish I knew everything. What happened I don't know hang on to. I've got are got as dead that that that. Oh that's it is done and well then how can no better no not true about highly Jenner made that for less. As they young kids to wealthy is little nineteen year old twit on the planet. Can you imagine being nineteen years old pro and a half hour this and come be on the Forbes list. Forty million dollars. Just nineteen years old Kylie Jenner is officially the youngest person on the Forbes 100. Celebrity list this year. She took home 41 million dollars last year while the rest of us worked for minimum wage that's unbelievable. According one million dollars heard. She doesn't like you guys here's your talent. Yeah. We did get here's a talent. You know that she basically just blows out her name BA and actually does that make you need to make up she doesn't make that clothing. She is not at all she does is give her name. Kylie cosmetics. Are fashion line endorsement and other business managers earned her. 41 million dollars or how does that make you thought of theology scraped together retrieved the card the 250 dollars headed to Mexico. Another totaled ninety year old park. Is out there making forty million dollars media using this you know in it and it makes me feel bad if it's news. And then this chart she didn't think of yourself shuttle and it is within lips are big on. Like that and it might take off that's the trick that isn't tricked and does he started. Need more young clips. And of big clipped manner gonna take off an attraction to the girls who works with guys have known. Wish you the best luck go pal. Your lips injected. Are you trying to fix the am trying to I got to wipe off my camera rulings patient down closer Takashi. Yeah effect. You are way too comfortable and I'd like I pick up my shirt should you not been well I just is why when I scream I knew knotted. Is it a certain guy who's. Finish and it. I have so. Then people started tacking her of course because that's what you do when you're jealous of people you started tagging them. And that's what all these other you did how are you did was steal clothing designs. You sit up in. Highly jitters sew some and designs two days ago and is on the Forbes and under list because she doesn't steal ideas. So you need to steal ideas and more I don't clips I've got a feeling that she has nothing to do with any of the designs. Or any of the cosmetics. They should just long username and that's she pointed out that it's cosmetics she does everything. She does all she packages and. And some mail should be born wealthy apparently that Sam how we should all inspired to be now. Sears say they'll Forbes should only list people who earn money. You've whenever. Happy for him good for her. That's earning money is in the mountain I don't get that. Yeah was god we can't lose stuff well we can't a little bit but Yahoo! will be god so all of meals a shot down Lou that I'll now you know. And it. And don't you worry because CEO has been kicked to the curb her name is Marissa Mayer. And I guess she maniac who into the ground. But don't you Wear it because she is 200 million dollars were the stock options and 23 million dollar exit prize. Pretty good prize. Says she leaves yeah Lou it 223 million dollar. He realized that that's like a lottery win the 223 million dollars. Yeah it is they call those parachute deals in I guess you can just run the company into the ground basically he's walk away you you're a bit all the time. Bush had that position. I mean I mean really sure that Graham I'm sure I'm running this Joseph to the ground but I'm not gonna get a pair shoot for a million Antonov an. Just think citizens are being. It. And I have smashed up and you super excited Kevin Durant. Yeah he was the MVP after leg Golden State Warriors won the NBA championships well I guess Rihanna was that one of the games. And she loves LeBron James Rihanna loves LeBron James so that would Kevin Durant. Was trying to shoot a basketball who you know like at three preterm. She yelled out. And now he won the MVP he said looking and staring at their has was a personal highlight during the finals factory he sunk. Really in Afghanistan DT it was kind of one of those take that. Checchi draft what's this by the way it went viral yesterday that the Golden State Warriors are going to skip the visit to the present time some White House. After being in Cleveland Cavaliers it what I mean it is crazy guess what natural a true. Now actor and then invited yet and it is and they said we know how does that the Internet so funny. It's it's just crazy everything you read you don't know if you can believe anything anymore. I mean that team that was circulating everywhere yesterday now the team has come around said I don't know what you're talking about right now we're just celebrating winning we have been discussed the White House and then. Even received and it shouldn't. We don't know what she's talking about. So they went they went viral yesterday I was like well I'll. Think he's still in trial right and he's still in the slow deliberation deliberations you know he's not he didn't take the stand but. We'll tell what it took the stand still in basic so as major I mean did they ever direct aim at the jury's deliberating isn't what's happening yeah. So there in a little room. He analogy this turn figured out yeah. Usually say the longer. It killed us. Well yesterday there was so a couple of developments with the sub Bill Cosby thing is you know he's on trial with the whole Disco biscuits to be slipping of the drinks again in two women. And this woman says it happened to her knees in the trial. The yesterday they had some of the re back from the testimony and according to people that kind on the inside. They're saying that some of the things are weighing is if the woman was truthful. Not about bill but if she was telling the truth so that kind of leads me to bill's direction. I'm shocked she. Dahlia but I guess he deliberate again that doesn't really mean I mean I don't know what that means actually pleasant but again they're gonna deliberate today possibly a verdict. And Mario action he's in the middle Al controversy a bachelor of paradise they stopped him on the street and said can you say what happened. My health yeah I'm from New Mexico today. No comment on that note comment because anything at all. No sorry I am I what you say that the allegations that he could you even the wrong I've met in the city. It was an awesome girl and that's all I say I'm any message for fans of the show I did. I love you all thank you for the sport. What he means she's some girl we named in the home I'll think I'll Nellie Rivera but he made a pretty big XY. Jamie sad that she sheer and what does it before is famous. Jamie fox revealed that he adds how many young artists together start in the music business including edge here and I've said he gave Sharon a place to stay in LA and forget his big break. He told Entertainment Tonight. You'll howl art to be celebrated from everybody and share and slid them out for six weeks so this redheaded kid showed up his front door just knocked on the door and say hey I got a guitar deeply asleep. Shear and he crashed today's 1020 and he said I didn't just get off the plane in get a cab do his house. And Ari lived on different people's couches for about a month before that. I don't know I. This little redhead kid two shows a two front door Jamie Foxx and got his guitar is can't place. But he's got to count got to get. As seems very odd bit CR. And then the story of all you guys get this and neither speaking of odd. On the show host Jimmy Fallon. Ever to cheat. Isn't true story. It's on the Internet has beaten. She sure as we can't stress. She doesn't have a two for anti. And men. President Clinton harassment and doesn't make you illusion teach you a you know Strasser. Not straight as his math not stress can cause a lot of problems kinda weird in this may have a picture of her without her. More. She's sad just I was like skateboarding or something really cool. But I think it's something that's really important to share because I think it is literally right after heart disease of the biggest killers in America and it's called. A stretched. I have never heard of stress making you lose your key. In that case my son is stressed. Out is actually three. And the. You need to get to do you know and that means Libya and then it calm him down he. Pretty grace that's weird picture till when you look at it without her two front teeth she looks like David Letterman's daughter. It's definitely weird our way to get Deborah Jackson OO mile bucks each inch and the importance on Alex. I.