BJ & Jamie: Tabloid Trash 7:30- Flip Flop break-up, MMA, Charlie and Oprah is at peace. 1/11

Wednesday, January 11th

Star from the TV show Flip or Flop divorcing and he has asked the judge to award him spousal support from her. – MMA is now mad that Maryl Streep sort of slammed them during her speech – Charlie Sheen slams Trump and praises Streep – Obama may have fake cried over his daughters and wife. – Who will be the Broncos new coach – new craze Table Breaking it is dumb – David Spade was in a car crash – Oprah says she has lost 43 pounds and she is at peace with food.


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BJ and Jamie written. Boom boom. Do you ever watch flip flop flip flop you know. I concede well it's sad to TV show and it's on them that DIY a wet and not HDTV. And it's and to reach and his wife Christina yeah. And they they took all these house's right to they would like this perfect little double. And I like to show because we do a nice job with stunning total rundown vis a crack house is they make look amazing in the and they Solomon amendment but right. He's the guy that all of a sudden they called nine land and he was found like running away from the house with a gun and it. And it was just a mess and then the police Kaman and he said he was just running out the house still look for coyotes and whenever. Well. Insurance comfortable to see their commercials. For that green and it resurfacing because they're smiling I've seen as using it now right yeah it's been great. Happy now I really didn't howl. And then like a weary here and live by our products owned deep well for Paris surfacing or whatever I'm like oh my god you guys are allowed the it's really uncomfortable Lucy show. They're reporting now that they went to court yesterday I guess. And he once. All the support from our he does. Seems wouldn't they be making the save money because flip or flop yeah right or to flip and flop is liberalism flip or flop or flaw. It's as Terry is requesting spousal support from a strange white Christina. I would think flip gets paid just as much as the clock hours. Bryant so for improper making the same or what would you these bottles were support on that he's asking for joint legal and physical custody of the two kids anyone spousal support. He wants his alimony or support to stop anyone's heard it pays well I. Our managing. There is one thing that I've noticed say and you brought to set to be like you are the ones who enlightened me to this because I don't think about flip flop. They weren't on my radar. But she. Is certainly out of his leak. EE up cash T is gorgeous yep him not so much you know. Oh really is known he looks like somebody she could push around a bit now I don't watch the show he looks like it had been or vice clamp you have mostly east pay more please let alone face by great. While the long face. Again it. But she is obviously yeah maybe he's taking that without her because she is the looker okay. Maybe he's thinking that the potential for future earnings. Drops significantly for him. After he loses her I agree with you and that way she is someone that's gonna make all the money now and clips gone thoughts on TV and yet yeah okay. And so Gloucester to make all the money so cliff says hey it's. Block you owe me cash you know this is what those segments where you really enjoy using flip flopping and stay away too long to Milan. When. I was pretty serious about it now and it is really all about the flip for the the plot will build again I don't think. Yeah every other flips them. Mall or fallout from Meryl Streep and what she said during that golden global awards straight males aged at all this stuff about. Donald Trump but not. The enemy. He's managed. No the M amazed Nantz writes yeah. So gravel back. 'cause she got out CG GC he'd take all these people that are from other countries out of Hollywood he got a but that lap you know what you're gonna have left dot DB eight you have nothing about football and that way that's all you got to hand the arts are gone. Now in their man is like him. Now he's not a role that me here and I said yesterday if you log you don't football in mid may in Meryl Streep are got a huge comes in thirty anyway. Thank you. They're really mad at her anime people are. They were asleep all over the place. And even Charlie she got in on the action he Calder what is called madam. It. What does all of Iran can not Dane street and dame street OK so if you hear some live selling DM straight bid to adds dame OK here's Charlie Sheen. Dame street. Always. We we are responsible. All hear you words of wisdom on affected beyond comment on the big fan. Accountability. And skills. When did you start to stutter so much. I'm not sure I'm not sure but don't come Merrill Streep yet. The last per turn off all these Charlie Sheen Hogan because I think accuse your credibility repair. The last person it's like needles going Charlie shut up defense shut off. It doesn't helper if I really do us. The president of the United States of America he spoke last days at his farewell speech he got a little emotional ain't it a little clean had a fifteen. It's another coming out saying he wasn't crying. Yeah my. Nationality the all over the Internet to saying if you watch closely there word no tears set I was safe. I am I don't know it seems sincere to me. This good speech are said he did a good job at that was too long I will say that I thought we Kmart. I really felt like his love for Michelle was genuine I felt like his whole thing and that moment was. Really jet just sick and. There might blah saying I am reading this morning that if you go when you zoom in connecting you take a look at it that there are no tears. That he pulls out of paint key. Andy grabs his size but there's gold moisture whatsoever. That it was all fake Crockett thing get out and moisture there was moisture. Yeah act FBI moisture thing right it would indeed it was broken down the degree of moisture on that exit the cloth. You know women need to put the word moisture and just say it. Still moist. As what you're saying we deem waste. Maurice. This and well I felt like he loves her and I felt like it was like every kind of lovely all wish we had not labs and Michelle in Iraq you know. Two daughters suffer when that beat them. And the dog though is it oh yeah and a nova Sasha. Message last night and is up and stuff going around where I was Sasha. She's fifteen years old I say she benefit about her hair didn't show up some ice and she was pregnant Camille said she had test she's geared up for Ivy League school. Ahmed fifteen and so the test is more important than her dad's going way. Speech. I don't know. Seems little fishy dead hey if she wants to stay home let her stay home maybe she went to the movies. Who maybe. Initiative. I come every readying tough battle is super excited to do two things two things are going viral in Colorado right now went quite. Who's going to be a coach. Who is going to be your coach. We'll say it Shanahan. The old manner of the sun the sun now that he's off the radar. I think they moved from in the wind on their visit with him last week and assassinated they continue to search. Yeah I think if he were the guy they'd already said something adding he's going to be the guy that coaches say they move fast on that stuff yeah. Well as they needed it back in the rhythms parlor and plays around that time that way got to get the rhythm shark yeah. Yeah I think you have already been you know leak doubt as he clearly they are going to be him. They say they're talking to somebody in Miami now and so that just two minutes ago. I don't know. Other defensive coach yeah I'm telling you right now. John if you're listening to our show Mike Shanahan is waiting tables we're chariots. He steeply in Britain Jimmie and I were in there could see I did yes it goes on specials a gotten a drink he got price scheme for me god she emea little cocktail brought some bread to the table nice guy he could rub the team. Memory tells me the snapper was on special you know and he did the color and a little apps like snapper. You know yeah for a I have yet and we laugh think that Elway has. I think he's holding off talking to Mike because they're both competitors in the state business. Holding. You've got always steakhouse you guys share an atheist and I think that's the whole and you guys in the Iran. You're on the calendar where I'm. When I hired was Elway it was thing about Mike Shanahan but he is like dude you guys get new teeth because you look like fire Marshall bill when you went back I can't act. I think beyond that. Yeah. Does anti America building yet I am and but. I have always not want to talk to me. His hair has served as a big networks himself but it never seems like that Mike Shanahan is held extender. We have a coach right here in town he's waiting tables which unions and given our. Sleeping at this point and. If I could devastate Robin reached our honeymoon yeah it's a dark world and now I need of both. Yucca both the which one you like better Shanahan hello boy oh boy oh boy Italian. I just I was gonna go we should enhance the last militia issue and it's from my exceeded this that was superb I don't know if he personally would back him pick the best one for you and I brag but what about that could admit it but it was a superb but. That was just Ed as always up and they all. A right after Christmas any it was Inco. It's a war plenty and the things he keep Clinton because that make it into it I just I should overstate he keeps like. I don't know and it could like borrow. But OK okay. From. Amateur I was sixteen or flip flop I don't know. Our. Ship finance I always I can't make it remind them. Lisa your fiance ever want grant about a monkey. She rarely ever home I. I think that's a he's got a lot I don't anyway that the coach's web everybody's gossiping about the other big thing on the radar there but it's gossiping about it's trending. Shake she. What about she checked I don't know I know nothing about a shake shack I know apparently Denver Colorado is getting shake shack and keep all are firm. I've never heard of a shake shack. But they say that it's some kind of thing this from the East Coast. And it's supposed to be delicious it's like burgers and shakes and Fries it's mostly as big as in an out for the East Coast. And that's labor so excited. Don't know I don't need that and you kind of current I've never heard of never never heard of it it's the mean people are as excited and getting it in and out burger. It was founded in New York so it's an East Coast boy got in under presenting his belief only. Where we get stolen and how it shakes Jack Jake Shaq at her I thought I saw the news that it was coming to like the downtown. Calgary. I don't feel like you're excited to have him come out of player to earn that much about it. If Angus beef that are kind of I I heard the only place I've heard shake shack is Tom Brokaw does these commercials four. He it says he does commercials four. He does he's you know about that she checked founder and how the founders made a million dollars for Fries and burgers that. An entrepreneur or you just it's weird stuff thought that's typically have ever heard of. And then finally for you this these Internet crazy guys member of the bottle flipping. You. God. So my son and all his buddies their big thing and Kansas will be the last year that they're in the sum this particular school you know so their big plan is to you know there now led the battle flip Branson is recessed. Right so they can do it so the big play and is the last day is schooled Karl bringing in half bottles of water. They're all gonna flip them because they're not coming back to that school and again today Ali rebel. God in murky if this sets like they have made some other off freaking out about that so it's weird let takes off on the Internet obviously. Will the latest craze. A new craze which involves young of people mostly young males. Risking serious injury and even death by running jumping and sometimes even summer assaulting onto tables to try and break him. A whole break a table Brigham tabled challenge and it's. It's called being table breaking club him. That was created in May last year but now it's really taken off so far as of today 75000 people have posted videos of them breaking table. 75000. What is his accomplishment just breaking the table just right in the end did the Athens and doing it different ways acrobatic play for me it doesn't really have to have an accomplishment of thick the ice water tower and Jenrette. Manning can challenge and all that bottle so I really you don't have to cough should easily to get you know notary socially it like shed bring ill tabled maroni. I'm set on it rank it somewhere else. I think don't want to have to do sit on your right to I don't together to jump on tenth but it doesn't isn't it for the banning her really relish it. That's Monday when we have a problem I'm not really sure about the mini tramp I get a mini tramp you run up and do front clip on to the the table. Okay well it's just good old fashioned WWE. Others claim an agent at a dairy someone's laying on the table someone else jumps off the house on to loom I don't think this is him last night. Don't go in there and. I'm the other way and that took off went BM manic and challenger never. Well David Spade I guess he was in a car accident and they said he was so shocked I had been in a car accident. People thought it was actually didn't filmed doing the mayor can challenge. You're kidding no neck you know. We could tell his cardinal records that. Because I saw the picture of the car show outshine the latest jump on you pick up that this story. Charlie price of the picture the cards David Spade standing outside of a car and it's up it's a Range Rover but is that cars like destroyed its missing two wheels yes. How could you mistake somebody's due Dominican challenged with that person she has been annexed it in fact the cars even smokey. It all elect water's coming from it well I delayed and I I heard it is that he's trying to make a joke. About exact. There the accident he was so shocked and sat there for so long they thought he was doing the manic into the guy that's his. Yet that is teller now waves his joke it was Tim are I was our guys deal. That car was torn old pieces do you see your car wheels like flew off forty years they are the wheels are gone with the all of her arranged for a Hoover yeah that's good for the range right now I'd be nervous I was driving these. And telling filing filing filing Oprah Winfrey reveals she's last. 43 pounds and she's at peace with food pol could look for her one hour ago People Magazine. For all of her successor was one challenge Oprah Winfrey yet to come there. We struggle with their weight. She was determined in this twenty pounds in the summer of 2015. But an ankle injury derailed does subsidy and it's getting out of bed so he could turn. Well laid up for a month she was eating solid Kenya bagels. She gained seventeen patents. Mean she said it's sad and it eating enough living because my ankle hurts. She's lost forty pounds I'm 4343. Pounds and. It's that she's happy or not she's at peace with everybody includes. You haven't piece of food to piece by piece by piece that's a big pieces that I. I didn't know what night negated piece by food but she looks plastic. When. It's better. And then I saw that commercial yesterday where Letwin religious Jews. Well and I'm Wendy said it doesn't show was great that she's still it was a part she's you know the wisdom let it. December where. And. Good for her. Tablet tax CJ into weekday mornings on Ellis nice nice.