BJ & Jamie: Tabloid Trash 630- Yahoo gone, Kylee Jenner makes Forbes list and Bill Cosby waiting on jury. 6/14

Wednesday, June 14th

Yahoo is over… Verizon bought it for 4.3 Billion and the CEO is walking away with 23 Million -  The American prisoner was freed from N. Korea but on his release we learned he is in a coma due to a sleeping pill – Kris Jenner is worried about the kids being on internet because of the Trolls – Kylee Jenner is youngest person on Forbes list at 19 she earned 41 million this year – Sasha Obama is actually Natasha.. that’s Russian – Meygn Kelly gets slammed by the guy she interviews because his segment was cut from her show. He says she is dead behind the eyes. -  TV Network TV1 aired a rerun of The Cosby Show were Bill Cosby crushes up a pill and puts it in his Daughters drink… Humm.. Art imitating life?


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Vijay and Jamie. Cook doesn't marble lyrics but he made which gave out blue no more. And yet we Kenya and at least today well today today but it's official Verizon has but yeah cool. In a four point 48 billion dollar deal with a B. The current gal moved CEO. Marisa will leave but she I don't worry about our I know she's getting kicked to the current. But she's getting 23 million dollars plus she has stock worth 200 million. What a parachute the up. Wondering you know these people are idiots they really are the you know the people that run these companies that. They know exactly what they're doing and they know that if this thing tubes they're taking care of and it's things like that and it's money like that that kills he's got the. 200 million. Pleasant to it three million dollar and leaving package how do you run a company into the ground so that it has to be sold and you walk away with 223. No I. But I like that job that's unbelievable to me. I. And we run this into the ground it is conducive to curb naturally three million dollar parachute wouldn't know. No parachute nothing. Petty did not make. Am this is sad story CFJ remember I was so excited Dennis Rodman Clinton to North Korea I was super duper items like oh my god because in that kid got released. The kid from Virginia got released from his fifteen year hard labor sentence. I was and try to make the difference is at stake. You guys she's in a coma. Did you see this was spent in a coma for like over a year and American college student that was imprisoned in North Korea has been freed but he arrived home in a coma. He's been in a coma since sometime last year. I guess anime super excited about this twenty year olds released by the way he down. He went there with a tour group. As part of the tour group to North Korea and he was leaving the country that he decided to steal a propaganda banner supposedly. And that's when they they grabbed him. And he was sentenced. And they said North Korea's claiming that he got botulism and he took a sleeping till sometime last year and that's when he fell into a coma. Alone Moses crazed about that story I don't even. Yeah right like you give out sleeping pills when you're in jail and they got I don't know his courage and. Yeah during. Nobody out yeah. Yeah me. The first when you're going to be super excited that's Chris Chandler. She's worried about her kids dean on the Internet. We decided you know to really let it all hang out and we started national. We decided as a family if we're gonna do this to show everything went bad. Sort of philosophy and attitude. I told the kids don't get on the Internet now it's. So amplifies and so heightened to this level of like haters are gonna hate and all that and you just expect now for patrols. To be all over the Internet just criticizing. Every loss and then you do it. What a hypocrite perfectly. Does nothing but tried to break the Internet. That's all they didn't they post boobs every day. Every move every day they posted boobs are asked but one of them too sometimes both asking him. If they are angry. I am angry yet ankle wrist when she tries to explain that how bad the entry daddy is it's her family. That's it makes it that way by the way Kylie Jenner she is officially the youngest person on the Forbes 100. She's just nineteen years old and because of the Internet she sold. 41 million dollars worth the Kiley cosmetics. Her passion and stuff endorsement deals and other business ventures youngest girl. Person Ford's 141. Million dollars this year when the list came out I was excited to learn the news and pleaded Brad. Oh my god I woke up the youngest Andrea and of favre's 100 Lance. That's how she maintained he had been up front again and handed to him. And but people started float trolling our. I am quote Bebo are wealthy apparently that some we should all aspire to now seriously though fortunately those people who have earned their money. They said yeah you one are you got 41 million for stealing clothing designs sending out in. Have still lipstick tubes real nice. It. Ingrid up. Kylie Jenner steele's alleged designs two days ago and is on the Forbes 100 list meanwhile my paper hits and 2% on turn and and it tunes in my prost. Grills me. My preference. I don't know what to I don't have a problem of this I mean she's nineteen years old she's great she's had some breaks alive obviously with all the money they have. And favoritism but. You know if you make it make if people are buying it. And we've not been lied to friends sneaking up the Internet I did so. This is horrible. Orb. Did you know. Sasha Obama's name is really not Sasha. This is crazy my crazy this is a liar well her real name is ruby and it hit the hit it ruby. Ruby Obama. I'm sad day. They tweeted out some writer found out that Sasha is real name is next hot shot. That's right we ask Russian so everybody went crazy saying that had been living a lie and I did in Austin cheek and it's all Russian others Russian propaganda. Everybody is going crazy. Eighth. Edition Megyn Kelly story. And they treated also that Malia Miley is real name is Boris. I have Russian anthrax. IE middlemen Smirnoff. Meg and Kelly story who is Alex Jones Alex Jones is a crazy loopy guy that's very very conservative for one. But he believes in a bunch of hoax and conspiracy theories basically he's Richard Murphy. Really yeah I can believes that we never landed on the moon out he believes that is the 9/11 attacks were an inside job. He believes that as sandy hook was a. Oh exact phrasing yankees' Alex sky here in Lincoln and test them. Well he's saying that his interview with meg and Kelly at is she's a cold psychopath with pain on Joker lips and soak socio path that I use. Who's not feminine at all. Let's see here he spent his last two radio shows talking about making Kelly he said he felt zero attraction to meg and Kelly. And instead that's not an insult to our I. I just say she's not feminine all she's cold she's robotic she is dead a sociopath. And psychopath. Then. Do you expect to see what he's saying I'm not your political elite and explain canning. Have you hurt an eight and again he goes way out there I'm not agreeing with Alex Jones but I'm agreeing with certain philosophy that he has here. Have you ever met someone that you've seen on TV many times in thought they were absolutely gorgeous attractive. And then you meet them and it's like well. Well hope we won't because you've seen him on TV so many times saying that some but that's what he's basically saying here but. Seen that before actually. Where is yes and a famous yeah and there was this lady debt down in Tampa that was on TV and a matter when time. Was when I thought I left. It was really via you know I was a little disappointed if she didn't in the TV ready for world TV DB can do bad driving. There's a lot on TV right in my Iraq was sliding yet there's like eighty. That's outlet that OK and she wasn't Utley don't get me wrong but. There was an art was one. I thought. Speaking of lighting you know right Carrie walks around the lighting and she have to be lit from a certain way and have a list of dominance is just nuts about lighting. Well yeah she's given people advice she's given the Clooney's advice and having twins. Twins are. Just make hard work I'm very lucky to have people to help me because she's handled two kids by yourself. Same age is not easy you know I'm I'm very thankful for the fact that people are there you know she would help me I found. Yeah you're cart and they have to understand sometimes I have to go to work and it kind of went digital Iraq still. Own cool a lot of and I feel guilt ridden by Minnesota's Terry paid big east it in the us and we spend time together some special. No. Like Q take care and I'd like count she has twins right that's due to. I can she says we have people who were not a person that I don't have any. How are you see as I. I have people yeah people should probably half of god you probably have six people need to help with two kids the amp. It's hard to be Mariah produce sound angry. Have not how I'd have. Some yeah this my last or this and again happy to have try and I know again I. I gat son that some TV show player tears is Stevie one. So there's this network TV one will they aired because they show right to run because they re runs and the guy has been shows. Well in this particular show. Yesterday they aired its bill because he's slipped it doesn't do drink me I'll hold you got to show that court. Can't tell day to. Reporters wondering if anyone at TD one thought about the annum. Cognizant slipping film do drink but he's on trial today. And yesterday and so I guess he put something in birdies during because she was sick and he should take her parents are not well off to quite a lifestyle to me I'm. And I yeah actor Alan Wright you know the jury is still out on them by the way that they deliberated all day yesterday and guessing you'll back at it again but the team that can start dancing questions to the judge. They wanted some re reads on the trial. Then some people are saying that they're not believing what this girl I had to set. I know I suddenly I was going up the river I still believe he has any we have got they got tablet dash seats in each week day mornings. I.