BJ & Jamie: Strep throat in the news. 3/20

Monday, March 20th

BJ has a strep throat story that is not making us feel good. Sean has been having a bad stomach ache and Jamie’s son has a sore throat at home! One girl who had a sore throat ended up losing her fingers and toes. Another man started with a stomach ache and lost his feet.


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Vijay and Jamie Sean mentioned that he's been throwing up this morning's announcement and what symptoms are for whereabouts talk about here are playing owner you think it is yeah. Kinky the demand them. He doesn't hang on an Alley got hardcourt I don't think he had drunk yesterday did you show on TV truck just should not feature I'm sure Jamie's age got a. I saw a lot of pictures out alone how we are all going to give Jim a lot of boots. Now a lot of loops. I was I voice for the average closed up Friday we went out and had some heavy drinks. Now doesn't Geithner got yesterday and all smoke and noise in the recent. I'm afraid I hope you don't have strep throat. You know my son is still old wooden and that made me a little nervous went well I. I may say and then not to take away from your computing but my son is home with a sore throat. I'm telling this story at all I like less gas well I I brought this up yet. Late last week Jane you know this is off the air we were discussed in the story about a guy. Where distress throughout I guess gets inside the bloodstream or somehow it just expands it goes from your throat to other parts of the body. It eventually turns your fingers black. Completely like having got to be implicated in your toes in party your feet. And why it goes out to the extremities I have no idea but something is mutating with strep throat these days. Now there's another case that happened over the weekend. Never thinking a floor vote would bring Shelby snaps here pretty big chance that I. Could've died athletes seem to be a common cases strep throat turning much more sort Roby can't put up for or against theme. She put under a medically induced coma for a week but she breaks up tidbits losing circulation in most of her fingers missing one index finger on her left. I only helps one enjoy it left the most of the damage is on her right. And two toes on her left for these cases are very rare. Few hundred cases a year doctor Jeffrey Caine one sharp doctor says she had a very aggressive form of the strep throat bacteria this is one of the most life threatening illnesses that we've seen as far as the bacterial infection infection doctors say it's incredibly hard to cattle can. You can't hang. And maybe I'm wrong I am now yeah. It was at last week's game thing yeah. For a man around well according to this doctor here this is something that's rare but has been going on for quite a lot. I've just never heard of the review no matter yet there was a guy also and this was like mid week last week us on the story he lost kept his foot. Both feet in fact because the strep throat and also portions of his hand and it didn't take up some fingers. And that was the first time I'd ever heard this recording this doctor did you smoke it's ignore romper quite awhile. For a long time and it happens but I heard of this one more thing you can't put my head now but it's crazy I am always so when somebody a strep throat that was like. 38 COLT. You can be out of work for a few days you gonna go get some in about your highness let's all try usually is I. Never heard of new team going into it to something like this for shuts down your. Your organs in your even. Induced cult. And there's such as well it was nice to wouldn't reveal it there's some of the net and just came to the United States from somewhere else still. And it's something that can't be fought with antibiotics and some weird strain of some some. I say Salmonella in these times you hear from somewhere with some ten minutes it got history in the south end and let you know I saw I think that the so informative it's and Larry it. Asked earlier last week she seemed elated of playing dodge ball and the heart she sees this now light should continue looked this up. I read a lot I need to a lady is playing dodge ball in a ball. He's thrown at her. It Grey's is all for her upper chest aha okay or near her shoulder and in the ball I guess has some type of virus are back Terry years of the on the ball. It infects her she's in a coma. Because of an infection she got from a game of dodge ball. With some. Some time. It's a special my son doesn't bubble wrap is that crazy bubble wrapping him today he's not Lindley dodge ball you don't get a go out a bubble wrapping of I think he yeah. Do you now think you even though he's on spring break you have to get in a bubble platinum and lives there might have had Steptoe and he's right now he's at children's. Real. My sister went to my bladder. Mom never heard of this I. You learn this is all of a sudden in the nose and try to birdie can be bad and that you can be up for many days. Because she can't you know. Can't slot on my mom passed away from mutate instead and throw. I don't I don't know why are you doing this to me I've never disturbed broke him down taken MB ER like I'm leaving the show right now. This terrible somebody said that shell on his pregnant and it Cigna Sean. Well and probably not only got one it's like he didn't just say you find the bullet also ice dodge ball yes and I went yeah. Guys she Connie flesh eating bug. From and I did not borrow ball she's 35 years old and healthy. And you know I don't I don't know. Like the dodge ball it got this bacteria don't go to the gym because all they sit the ball I can hear her tell you that. In scraped heard just around the shoulder a tiny rays hit a tiny grays and de grace putter in the hospital with the flesh eating bacteria. Yeah. Yeah. Armed Iran because that is the great is great news each inch we see more on Alex. I.