Bj & Jamie: Sexy Man test for Bj and Sean...Sean is the winner!!! 4/20 (AUDIO)

Thursday, April 20th

Ladies what do you find sexy about a man?? Could it be some of these things?  Bj took the lost, and Sean takes the win and victory?


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Vijay and Jamie pounds of beating Jamie morning show our associate head here so looking through the million yeah yeah I've looked at me any of those are good suggestions for me is that we think so here's the thing there's this thing going here's the thing there's nothing that's going this thing it will here's the thing. There's a place here yeah tennis is going viral and it's what women find attractive men now women are creating means. And their expressing what they find to be super super sexy. About us guys that things that we do that you would even think that would be all that sexy. It's still as the heat watch Shih Tzu turn on to them. Yet we have no idea I mean it's just we're doing just. Things that women they are so I'm gonna take and see which one between Beijing Inchon whose sexy they charged. Are you ready for this are you ready for less active you are these if you do these things and you get a point okay fine idea are. I've time has been so sexy when he's fixing the car I don't know what it is about the hood up and him under the hood getting all Griese but it's more attractive. What he's teaching my son as well I'm married great mean. I do those things you work on the car I just change the oil in the cart rules and they're angry literally changed literally got Quentin ever blow. We're draining highland ridge import yeah I know I I took care of that really filter out myself got a big spot and I'd. Side do you nuts that's the case and a timely and then if move came just the first question right along hole. A well dressed man is more attracted to meat and a shirtless man with a six back. That's neither one of you guys suck. That's not you guys now I why you describe what Iran to begin. You an idea of the college you put bolsters the talent doesn't have a name on the back to that super it. I'll take it. He's not precise I don't like having somebody else's name on mine are about back is that he's now 31 sexy wouldn't ride are all things your remaining years everybody's Manning won't let me ask Sean what he's. Larry I think he had to. They're both of us I think I win in this went. I think they're gonna have employed a more and a pair of black jeans a dart great T shirt and pair Crocs. What you should say is that it's got a little big iron on logos on it got. Tip antivirus starship and her. Right and I says oh yeah the star I think I win that I want okay give. And a half point in time given it nine point neither one of your web address that we don't get appointment they're one of the now and neither has had no but I know I guess. Props if you are you the whole thing started with. Kurt. Hopefully. Obama played the game right. Now under three. A man who cries. Oh. That is the worse off but he says it should send a sense it is and was picked I. That can admit that he cries is automatically so much more attractive to me. Women do not find it being sexy and attractive but guy starts the ball inside. Yes they didn't know how old they dealt with. Yeah. It's not meet the limit and it's made. Them okay you like kept crying boy I like Clinton is one of these elements. No no now we're talking crying cry not not telling you haven't played in London. Ranks today. I love you. As a sensitive sensitive crying and crying may have not yet but I ask you this simple question. You're telling us to answer that please answer decried the don't know but cries the little yes. As hard. It would not right in the middle little too much that it couldn't not a whole lot. Thanks I've been recent hot pop. It's a guy can play an instrument is automatically makes him times more attractive. That's me she lets me too well when you play the harmonica. I do my little mean heart read a definite government bailing out I really I do can you play is so I didn't bring the know that I had hit it you might it be our Monica. Probably could play a song you can probably plays more than likely yeah. Listen to bring him into one Malaysia we get it when you don't get all hot and bothered I'm. It's unclear formula I I think it's probably shoe control yourself at any media bringing AMs on this. For it to borrow eighty solo harmonica. On fumbles a look Ayers Duggan a point there. You swear you play it yet. When it completely ignore our solo would be almost caught up and same thing that's a mouth harp. On the part I'm not a guy I know the lingo that the heat any Nolan you know who complain intimately nobody can. Ted how tall guy writes I. He's if you could get guys guise of full text on this outside its uniquely and Sean and I let's not change the competition does make a our Lexus mom loses six and grants and that it's too he had six friends with the stats I guess that we show on soccer right now as a turnaround lieutenant. I notice some guys tied into buys at all. Because like I mean it's what's next. Right and let's see here. Women love men who share their feelings it doesn't make you any less of a man. In fact it makes you even more attractive. And nearly girls everywhere shock. And yeah Vijay carries did not share your feelings. No I don't with that I. It happened next. Cards fortunate. Your harmonica. For the harmonica I really do I can I am good at. 8:24 tomorrow morning as into the soul of I tend to have my heart explode into a million dates with rainbows MP sparkles whenever I see guy cooking. All. Look I'm. I know how that you like cook more than show on that mission and how they let cook better that John and students I. Right now what are goalies who is ready to junior's I. Can feel sexy. There I am in the kitchen with my Richard Simmons short shorts I have socked feet. During on the just go beyond serving and winners with his shorts. Make me what score. It is now afforded to fortitude in the kitchen for picking on you you don't count on him now. I am. Man looked old fashioned values is way more attractive than a player they're good women out there that would appreciate mainly. Think able old fashioned values I think he did I think I'll win that went I think people to know I don't think Sean does he used player he's a free thinker. I guess our own good since swinger is not old fashion our smoke and I okay. Well swinging it's not a part of the book yeah part of flurries but he's had to play players like it a freshman can sex with a bunch of women or swingers are salaries are not pulled guys. He laughed. Now I don't know back in the eighth. They mean dozens. Re swinging. Don't try to catch up a drug dealing your worries are no exact aren't totally don't you know I'm so passionately and I would love old fashioned means that. And another boy have self respect sported three now yes. Let's see here when a man does homework. Could this children it leads to sex it's a win win. Means is it. My kids flunked a little lady here OK it was too hard hard. I signed a tip that neither one of you shouldn't put that question and I. Are both look I. And this and this next incidentally I'm. A man who wears a lot tax isn't there a moment and sexy to me. I think it would have LPGA has watched it somewhere and a lot I don't know yeah yeah. I'm watches nicer watches. What does that help I mean don't you like a cancer wise. Like a man with a good why I think I get appointed. Elect and no it's it's the a citizen now now I am I don't know citizen. Yours it's adding that it had Errol they would viewers world mine is at times. Wheatley are wearing them I don't know I wish. This isn't better than a tie the tee there god it's her relax. I don't have a Rolex or tag but I have a Geneva. Yeah. I have a bearing bone. Qaeda. And its watch the. Why can't I can't move. Must. Neither would it be get this one. I trying to guide ten times more attractive at these smells dead EU noticed don't sniff me right now. How can we don't know how dirty he's. Yeah. I did this I don't care and I didn't know I can not a great job. All you have garlic or some than garlic gigs. And I don't talk talk talk talk and you know like that you Julio. They're sitting at most beautiful snow. I really do ice covering today. I'd put on the product. Out there. Too early in order to give off the beautiful Roma V divot to bury this bill that fort what do you then if that's alleged. A man who opens doors for me only at me. Never seeing opened a door for Shane oh my god I opened the door for all when she opens the door for you now now and my notes. Me right so in the door okay I'm at the world view I guess that's okay yeah. Johnson knocked. Him a point today. You've ever seen I. Haven't seen you over one neither I handle U verse over meet you like run over me. Went to school and I didn't car. Art inspired for you know it is six to five you up five. The next. Few. And finally if you electric cheating. Shown again and just do. I don't know if he opens doors and I don't know view do we that but I gave you both employee. Stared me down I. And it paid the ultimate or are you. A man who is athletic. An active others I'm wind I would not know I just want I want I want I just want I'm pretty everybody I'm more athletic than he had a form. You know formerly bit if it doesn't matter how current day you got. And let me give life. Well you know designer yeah this is not all this is this is already recliner world is not sex I didn't Abbott's Stanton wedding dress up thing you know. We have. To pay. Why don't get many and I hope you get a ticket behind him that by. Please you. You guys are actually sneak into the importance on Alex.