BJ & Jamie: Listener from Virgina wants to go to Bingo. 1/11

Wednesday, January 11th

We got a text from a listener who is in Virginia and so we called her! We find out that her goal in life is to make it to a bar bingo someday, so BJ & Jamie are going to try to figure a way to get her here for a bingo and make her the star!  


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BJ and Jamie what is going on there where some of the weirdest thing in the air I'm telling you right now that the stars are aligned something's wrong people are complementing us so we have this textainer in studio five when a 59 and usually says things like Jamie your fat Jamie your award. You know BJ use ten the eldest son. But today said the movie isn't the full moon I don't know a whole new principal loan rate by now well maybe that's it doesn't because there's. Seven days. And if this doesn't happen what's what's wrong with you sure got the right choked. You guys you live and all there. I am about twenty years ago to make. You about all. This thing in particular got prolonged power in England or Ukraine my attack. Am leery of opinion even higher he has him. If she has no clue. So you could go like this and things like this you every single day. And they're how hard they used you know clearly Lee and this. This show me going and kept getting used uplifting and all but thank you. Oh so you're left Colorado twenty years ago. Well I am planning more. Yeah you're in the military I think that's. And Virginia is that right. Yeah very well. And tears streaming it live in Virginia you regular shout at anybody this near her and they don't dead or anything. I Xia. Ask her about it and OK while Cindy and I keeps. I'm creeping up my three seriously it because our bingo I cannot wait and I had time. Available actually quiet out there and go with our. And a second is ready to send looks that way. We need to make our expectations of life a little liars and keep the man who are like EU of over cheek achieved in life you're in the military you've been out there for twenty years she moved on with your life and you wanna go to Barbados that. Jay and I know you've seen us. Three video game a little sleazy I speak out Ali didn't. Lately Ebert and combining them I really wanted to. Well I. We have to make her dreams I did it make a whiz right now we have to make your dreams come. I had equipped to book deal. What you know what stay in touch now I guess next Wednesday affirmed our bingo may be just a little bit too early for you because he can't really get out of the military would you war right. Exactly and I am having surgery in elbow surgery so. On really on current. Maria your information to keep you on the list and play well here. Yeah out. Lake station an important thing. Then what we're gonna yeah we're gonna work out with you that we got a Barbie doll it when we got three or four more coming up this spring and will work it out leave after your surgery and everything's done we'll fly you out here you got a Barbie WB our guests in that he'll be the star of barging. Worse yet well you do the numbers are going to be. All. Lingo is like I just. And I had ordered a drink I got a feeling when you get a couple drinks and you're gonna be the star and that's it that's. And I'm excited about this. I thought I might think you can eat milk baby and really a great. Sending. In our area known the note thank you for serving. Yeah yeah thank you know you're going to my parents and I. Much bigger cameras set here honor I actually just principles. Yeah did it get near you use or our country thank you so much Cindy a great and nice phone call this morning that my. Jimmy says does Mercury in retrograde. I don't know what that means means like they're basically nuts recouping and look to them and really she just nuts he has no idea what she's talking about a I might add. We should just talking about Steve good to get this she's been out of boulder for twenty years total sum this up where you she's been out of boulder for twenty years she's been in the military she's out station in Virginia she strings our show every single day loves the show her golden life is to go to a bar they know we're. Let. Don't waste an ER make an impact on America. Or are they going to go to our data yes that's crazy eights inch anymore.