BJ & Jamie: Las Vegas is out of Pot! 7/14

Friday, July 14th

There is an emergency in Las Vegas… A couple of weeks ago they decriminalized pot for Recreational use, now they have run out. They only had inventory for Medical and now with open rec they have a shortage and need more weed!  Bj thinks that if people did not smoke pot before it became legal they didn’t start up. But Jamie thinks that more Moms are taking edibles because they don’t have to go to drug dealers.


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Vijay and Jamie they appear headed out to Las Vegas for the weekend. Curome pot with yeah. Yes they ran out this is the craziest story ever yet if we gotta smoke smoke smoke be better take it would they. Probably end emergency meetings to try to figure out how to get more putt into. And today is because they're running now and so now they're gonna try to open more dispensaries. Now in Nevada they they just legalized marijuana and in Vegas as you know sin city they everything rolls intensity gotta figure there smoking like crazy up there right. But the problem is they didn't have a supply for. When it became illegal for recreational so everything they had was their supply for medical marijuana. So now there are well what we don't have to putt. I'm not and it's like it's an epidemic currently and then things in Missouri where you know business shortage that it hit it hit the maturity but in our crowd in this leg kind of deep conversation off there I'll just share with me. So and it wasn't like an argument or anything it's just a deep like woody thank. So Vijay set in even John you weren't here to he said I Arnold and her. CNET you don't have a sale like that because then you make it sound like that. That I was being really dumb and stupid. Our flag and know little hope. Are important a live feed of the it's not the way I talk. A I eat some blue corn in my opinion that a woman's name. All I said well yes sir I don't feel like with the people around me anyway I don't feel like people have picked up the guy habit. Of smoking marijuana. When it became league goal if they didn't spoken prior to be easily I don't see those numbers going up people XP your meeting all of a sudden because it's legal. And that is say this OK so I know what you're saying like you don't think the calls and you become a pot smoker because it becomes legal estate I'm not taught smoker he became legal I've never been to a dispensary I don't have a desire exactly. But I do think that there are people that will enjoy the bleeding and they don't want ever go on the CD sat for example okay. This is kind of a weird example but so when I started a long time no Jamie white dot com and I sold am marital aids okay all right things and different helping you in the and so. It took off late show all crazy my biggest clients were highlands ranch and orange Kelly California. I'm not getting canceled hundreds of thousands of dollars of the stuff. Because I made it safe to buy it and people wanted to without going to some CD. Shop and buying these things right and they can just ordered discreetly from me I Cendant then nice package that sent from like. Margaret Thatcher whenever and and they would feel comfortable so that's what marijuana now has become is it's become comfortable to bite with Agilent is CD. You know back gallium like aid can ask fortunately yeah so I there are more moms. I think called the Latin on the happened with Shula bolder and actionable data as Kia she bulls Flintstones. Doubles because it's not a CD and creeping. Would you prove that statements based on my. I think more people probably have indulged. On the animal side. But I don't know people pick up smoking is because it became illegal. Or be keeping illegal. You might be right I would simply making a statement because the world I live in. The people around me I have not seen anybody start smoking marijuana just because it was legal. That's kind of why I made the statement but I certainly to intersect. Now it is easier you don't have to meet a drug dealer somewhere in particular I want to ED inning that completely though that may be some peoples have you know I've always wanted to try. I've always went to try so I think that maybe you've got a lot of that I just don't realize. Begin actually remembered dating a guy and we went and bought some eagle we need an I I'm telling you I cried. After we'd last February and like Tahoe or some that we met this guy and and he gave his bag the week I didn't smoking habit my boyfriend at the time did. Any game that when he got sounds. In this person is still so dirty and so wrong and I don't start I don't like to break. And was raised by the way. I was joking about taking your own marijuana to Nevada we did debate guess she ET at age. Why can't cross state lines folks and a you know I guess text data very utility grid no no no no. It was just a leaders say that they're running out of pot Nevada. I told you there's a few people Mike called a whack that they'd they'd do doubles and I know is that money if it wasn't. Legal they would they would never even participated. Rent so I think it brought the all right guys close. Describe. We've seen mornings on Alex I.