BJ & Jamie: Jamie is a 7 percent mom. 6/14

Wednesday, June 14th

So Jamie has started a new way to judge how good of a parent she is.. you start at 100% each day and then you subtract all your parenting mistakes from your 100%  total… at the end of the day she did the math and she did 7% parenting.


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Vijay and Jamie you I'm not sure again it is a I don't show on play by your rules when it comes apparently. Well the snow. So after we golf to last night we wit to have cocktails I know shocking. But but but I wasn't both fourteen goal and no music adolescents last ranked web. Because the lessons have been going just completely off the road again good goalie yeah because you guys did it would go to the bar first but at least now you're you're putting the golf before the drinking exactly because we have goals man tackles. So well after we golf we win and we. We were and we had some cocktails right and so my son was with as senator. And they hung out to whenever they into the pool and well I. I have a big you know I have free time I'm with the girls are these not so where I haven't got Dell's all the stuff well. And dean Elena mom she gave me this new thing she does and I think it's a really great idea. So from zero to a hundred every day it's a percentage you will grade yourself on how good of a parent you are. So every day you you have to give yourself like okay what zero to a hundred. My goal is to reach a hundred I'm always gonna he had started a hundred because you wake up visited parent right right she's happy deduct did you go through this day or do you add to a zero no you did not see usually just get Ed to zero you'd never get above we'll examine any late yesterday I am I got a 7%. We've got 7% deducted no I am I had at my whole total was 7%. Zero to a hundred I reach is 7% that I was 7% compared them we'll get me. He knew what I mean pool are over thinking and math is just a funny thing that we did a case it's zero to hundred you try to be hundred. I read 7% have a good pair because. I threw out I don't know why did this that. I yeah and my son was really hungry when I got home because they didn't eat. I gave him electable against OK for dinner. That was Danner a little bit that was ad that's like. Jimmy I think you're being very hard on yourself to do well okay here yeah yeah a C I eight. I know you can come over thinking it but you're really beating yourself up on the am I just because you slipped on loan to bowl in there and say hey this is dinner okay I'm sure there are other things you did yesterday that you were a good pair. Like really get anything. Good yesterday I so I got phone right and I game a subway sandwich from subway. They're delicious they are delicious they are delicious he'd love subway so again. Plopped down and eating with about blocking out and give it. Then like I've said Jack again data that I did kidnapped and in the neighbors came over than they owe it to the pool and then after the pulled an the navy came and then to chairman that I left it I would golf and and it went. And I would get. Look look what the. Yeah he's being hard on yourself few seats look at the way it I. But I know are there are the years that we've got to get it guys start out like well. But he got a roof over your N eight I guess that's where we start Russian accent yeah guys look at it completely deaf when you're looking at a from holding nurturing and I think what that. You got a tour still on for like two minutes and all day yesterday diagonally. Two men try to tell me how tired I was what did you going to the pool you're gonna like hit the the ad that's okay and they are as usual legible what I'm not a bad he's. If you're as a day. As you look at it like OK look he got close she got shoes are totally. You've got you've got food on the table he had the opportunity go to a pool. Eating it too bad. There's all kinds of stuff you could add battered Dennis Abbott at least a fourteen he America. When I slept well they took them to the uncertainty if you hit it and get an update one point offer that. The take of the pool all your backup set up a Arctic. Then it's going down and in the end and after you know gonna Greece and called the care of the kid that day I got to deduct on that went okay. And I just to squeeze out I get about you know if you're gonna do this let slide rule of zero to hundred. Don't know of anybody ever makes it. Some moms to pose in their little girls hair makes them all matching that she had done a 100% nonstop. Imagine that little girl Megan are matching magic with the rights in the ribbon. Would look like you know. Crowley now and again and at that time he's different Heidi she knows her daughter's hair everything matches. Even certain little. Which is like a little ring that patches and little outfit. Yeah I think you better off the boy made to him again because they don't care you know little girl throws sandwiched in front her and see what happens exact. I put back I can write up a little girls having a go crazy guy I don't know how people. But it's my own thing but I did that linger I don't preparation talent but I guess she take it. She is she took some points off of her because she took. The other girl her daughters she was supposed to babysit both girls took them to a bar. Okay I'm gonna take more itself there. Okay that was it a bar bar was at a restaurant and bar restaurant and she took them to the bar side. Seven high top Yemen to take some of the Houston with a high time this hit it now you need at least a boost script from I. Yet it's like taking a kid to sit at the ball. I just feel like it was a better pair when it was young when he was early because I really had to guarantee but now he's older you know I think like fears eligible. You know you can be stuck on seven for water and keep at it yeah it up. Each inch weekday mornings on Alex I.